evaLone / Press

“Amazing , I have no Idea the words, but I totally get it , really good music my brothers !! Universal,,,,, WILL”

3 a.m - comment-

“good music..keep on goin' bro..”

Leipe - comment -

“The music sounds great! Keep up the hard work!!!”

Brown Bronco - - comment -

“Your music sounds good too bro :D Keep it up, mudah2an kita sepanggung kapan2 *shakehand*”

Lunarian - - comment -

“Great Music kang....sukses euy....positive abies...keep up yah...!”

Madison DX - comments

“Great tunes,keep on rocking,wishing you all the best”

Cliff Howe - - comments

“showin luv.. i like the instruments on the tracks and the melodies..wish i could undertand the language but the music sounds KOOL.. 1luv”

Shorty Blade - - comments

“I very much like your soft rock ballads. They certainly have a nice flow and your individual style. You have a high chance in the music industry - Thank you so very much for appreciating my music, I bid you good luck and best wishes, Spesh Loopster”

Spesh Loopster - - comments

“evalone......rock on ....great songs....especially like tak ada lagi.....thanks for sharing....dr.oxide”

Dr. Oxide - - comments

“evaLone’s music is mainly influenced by 90’s Britpop and the latest Modern Rock bands. These combination of music is what we believe, represent evaLone’s music which are a reflections of our ideas..somewhere inside our heads.. ”

evaLone - - press release

“Nice songs ! good luck Evalone.. Salam manis buat amin0.. :) Jump Car Red”

Jump Car Red - - comments

“attracted band with a nice song..gudluck ya'll”

revo (revolbert) - - comments

“nice song, check my band too thanks :-)”

flame of Ryu - - comments

“berjuang BRO . . . . lagunya asekkkk . . . . keep an rocki'nnnnnn . . .”

R3no - - comments

“Great music. I like the power, but also the delighting pieces. John”

John Ming - - comments

“Hello fellaz.. its Great!!,.. keep it up!”

ovalenz - - comments