Eureka Birds / Press

“The apocalypse has never sounded so catchy.”

“Brian Wilson-esque orchestral pop cornucopia”

“Baltimore-based Eureka Birds create melodious, intelligent indie-pop at its best.”

"Not only are the vocals heartfelt and full of emotion, but it's also the music behind the lyrics that seems to tell its own story, with the composition seemingly set up in the vein of an orchestra. I fully recommend you check out their debut self-titled album. "

"Eureka Birds is pleasant. It's catchy. It also exhibits enough thematic brawn to satiate those of us who like our music smart."

"Eureka Birds demand serious attention by the music world"

“A finely crafted, excellently produced piece of musical loveliness that evokes sadness, joy, melancholy, hope and just makes you feel like everything’s going to be alright in the end…”

“This album easily qualifies as one of the top albums of the year due to this concerted, quality effort loaded originality.”