Eugenic Death / Press

“It is a rare event that an album can make you spontaneously desire to turn the volume all the way up, but Eugenic Death's Crimes Against Humanity succeeds in that task. One major reason is that this thing simply comes across as a lot more authentic piece of work than most other contenders' products do. The band's approach is very down-to-earth, almost underproduced at times, and every now and then the performance positively manages to draw your attention - be it for the gruff yet nicely fitting vocals, plain but quite effective riffs, or just some undeniably classy guitar solos. From no-nonsense thrashers like The Devil Waits to the powerful instrumental Epitaph, Crimes Against Humanity is a release of unpretentious and honest American thrash metal. It must be a sign of something done right when you want to play the album again immediately after the first round. ”

“Heaven And Hell Records has attracted these Thrash Metal fanatics for a reason, but not for their mainstream sound. These guys go back, way back! Eugenic Death surprises with a Thrash Metal sound I haven’t heard since I was still interested in Metallica and Slayer in the late eighties,early nineties. Crimes Against Humanity feels like a jump through time. This is pure nostalgia and even though I can’t stand another track by Metallica or Slayer, Eugenic Death has revived my interest and they are an excellent replacement. Eugenic Death sparks with gut-feeling and aggression. I don’t need to describe what Crimes Against Humanity sounds like, because it is so recognizable. You must own some of that old Thrash Metal. And just like those albums Eugenic Death’s Crimes Against Humanity will become your new addiction. Really, this is excellent. ”

“The constant fast pace that the band travels at, and the playing style all sound like a sped-up version of old school Bay Area thrash, instantly brings bands such as Demolition Hammer and Morbid Saint to mind, what with that urgent and furious playing of Jonathan, yet not compromising any of the technicalities at all, as evident by the leads that are strewn all over the album. The songs that Eugenic Death have written here are all extremely energetic and catchy, and the listener easily finds himself headbanging to the tracks right from the get go”

“Eugenic Death.My first impression was that I was faced with a linear album that has been used many times in Thrash Metal from the old school. ERROR! Crimes Against Humanity is an album that contains a number of attractive alternatives without departing entirely from pure Thrash; fast riffs, aggressive lyrics, even guitar riffs that achieve more than anger.”

“Eugenic Death has captured a emotion and feel from the past, its their own music and interpretation of thrash. Lets appreciate them for them and what they have accomplished. They have assembled a release that on its own is fantastic, and, to us older crowd, allows us to recapture some feelings of the past. This is in your face aggressive thrash as it should be. Warning, this will induce spontaneous head banging and head and neck injury is possible and more than likely.”