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“Dear Eugene Jacquescoley, It has certainly been an eventful past few months as we’ve witnessed your single ‘Springtime In China’ rise in popularity on radio. There are many important and exciting milestones ahead, but first we wanted to notify you of some great news. Berkshire Media Group recently collated the monthly chart data and provided it to us. We are pleased to inform you that your song ‘Springtime In China’ hit the #1 position on the charts and held that position for an impressive period of time in the month of December 2014. Chart position was established by number of spins, listener requests and station tune-ins. This accomplishment is a tribute to your talent, hard work and perseverance. We are certain that this is only the beginning of your success.”

“WOW! This is the best compilation album I've herad in a long time Glad I found this compilation album. I am a music enthusiast and the songs on this album are amazing! I love the mix of genres and interesting music on weRwe Records! All my friends are picking up copies too, I told them this is one you don't want to miss!”

“Eugene just submitted a composer profile to BMG/Chrysalis Records.”

EJ Music USA - BMG

“Je viens de soumettre ma compositeur proflle à Encore Merci de France.”

“Interesting music Eugene, very creative stuff.”

“Hey Eugene thank you for the support. One moment in time is very nice.”

J Rezz - Reverbnation

“One Moment in Time, beautiful!”

Brenda Ross - Reverbnation

“weRwe Records – Volume One – Album Review A compilation album…I’m not sure how you all take one of those in, but for yours truly here – this is a gift and certainly help enable my obsession with listening to all kinds of music! Brought to life by weRwe records, this album showcases talent from all over with a bunch of future superstars from all kinds of genres and styles making some incredible tunes. I’ve had enough listens through it to be able to explain what’s happening the best I can – so let’s push play and do this thang! It is Eugene Jacquescoley’s track “I Am What I Am” that even gives you a hint that this compilation is nearing the end. After the all-encompassing atmosphere of MSG, weRwe again chooses to switch up the vibe and brings you into minimalist electro as the album progresses towards the final cut. Eugene does what he does well and has assembled a decent slice of music here with “I Am What I Am,” again perfectly placed by weRwe to help”

“Thank you so much J, you ambient pieces are great!”

“Hi Eugene, enjoyed "If You Leave Me Now" a beautiful melody.”

“Not very powerful timbre used to create that unsettling eerie cinematic soundscape.The slowed down delayed guitar effects soon become oversaturated as the pressence is turned up.Not the most slick studio trickery and sound design.The whole mix consists of delayed effects ,not really evolving into a strong pulse ,very abstract.This lacks melodic structure and decent experimental timbre.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“dammit! this guy is a great singer!”

Dammit - Reverbnation

“Oi, Eugene Jacquescoley! Belo som e vocal, gostei! Parabéns!”

Lu - Reverbnation

“Your music is so wonderful Eugene...I can see where soundtracks would work. Close my eyes and listen...my imagination runs wild. You have SO much talent. I see a Grammy in your future.”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“Eugene Jacquescoley, The promoter The Cat & Fiddle has not accepted your submission for the campaign Hollywood's Acoustic Finest at the Cat & Fiddle. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the "Hollywood's Acoustic Finest" series at the Cat & Fiddle has unfortunately been canceled. We sincerely appreciate your interest in performing and apologize for any inconvenience caused. If we begin booking music talent at the Cat & Fiddle again, we will certainly let you know! Thanks again, Cat & Fiddle”

Cat and Fiddle - Cat and Fiddle

“Interesting intro on this track which I hoped was going to develop into something really special but it just kept going and was a bit forlorn by the end of the phrase. I did feel this melody was lacking in actual music and seemed to be more of a collection of sounds against a vaguely psycho background. I don't feel that it was a full musical composition more just a small piece of something else. It has atmosphere and drama but lacks melody and tune.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“This is great ambiance music and would make a great soundtrack for a science fiction movie, or for a suspense scene in a action adventure or thriller movie. It makes me think of swimming under the sea or floating out in space.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“The beginning of this song is a little too dark for my taste. It kind of scares me away from the song. Okay, I would definitely not listen to this song at all...It sounds like it belongs in the play WICKED. It is not nice sounding and it doesn't blend well at all. The only good part is when it goes from a low pitch to a high pitch. I like that.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“This instrumental I found REALLY interesting! The choice of music, the music measures chosen; the effects that cause the grusom eerie feel to this song. Strangely enough its something catchy and attractive about this song. It starts off and you think what is this, you try to figure what you are listening to. The length of this song was a nice touch because it is short enough to make you say that was it!; but it was long enough to get a feel for what you was listening to. There is a mystery about this song and the makeup of it! The composer definitely took a chance with this song and definitely I think was experimenting with what could be done with this song. I like that and it shows the person is different and willing to try things to improve his/her craft. This composer I feel has a lot of interesting music and this instrumental could be for a game or a intro song for a certain type of show maybe a certain type of movie; but I think this composer could make music for artist as well!”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“A low muffled tune presents followed by some abstract unknown music I have never heard before. Music sounds like a spaceship is fixing to land. Strange depths of low to loud sounds are heard that is flatless and toneless. Arrangement of sounds are loud on the ears so get your ear plugs ready. Music has no sense of rhythm to me but some genres might appreciate this null-and-void music. I am not getting it.This is definitely an organic song to me as I have not heard anything like it before.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“I absolutely love the suspense of this soundtrack. It is eclectic, dangerous, remorseful, yet beautiful all in the same sound. The sound is that compared to a horror film and can be perceived without any words what so ever. I really feel that this soundtrack will make it to a major film or cartoon of some sort where not much talking is involved at all.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“This piece is very haunting. I love the smooth, melodic timbre of the piece. The arrangement makes the sounds seem almost drippy, as if they were melting into one another. The song is very beautiful as an instrumental piece, but I would have liked to hear some lyrics. Even if it was just a faint whisper in the background at some point, the music was very raw, and I love seeing how the human voice fits into that kind of setting. I feel like there was a chance for some fantastically deep lyrics that got passed up. Commercially, I'm not sure that this would play regularly in the mainstream, but I sure as hell would recommend it to others.”

Soundout - Soundout Crowd Review

“Olá, Eugene Jacquescoley! belíssima Francês na Russia. Abraços!”

“Eugene Jacquescoley, The promoter Guitar Shop TV has not accepted your submission for the campaign WIN a Fender Stratocaster Guitar and Promotional Appearance on Guitar Shop TV. Thank you for submitting to WIN a Fender Stratocaster Guitar and Promotional Appearance on Guitar Shop TV contest. We appreciate your participation. We are excited to announce ReverbNation artist, Francisco Manzano (http://www.reverbnation.com/humming), had the highest number of shouts and won the Fender Stratocaster guitar. - All the best, The GuitarShop TV Team http://www.guitarshoptv.com/ https://www.facebook.com/guitarshoptvonline - Thanks for your participation, WIN a Fender Stratocaster Guitar and Promotional Appearance on Guitar Shop TV”

“Eugene Jacquescoley, The promoter The Aquarian has not accepted your submission for the campaign Get Featured in The Aquarian Weekly. Thanks for your participation in opportunity with the Aquarian Weekly. We unfortunately could not accept your submission at this time, but invite you to submit to any future opportunities that we may provide! Thanks again, The Aquarian Weekly”


“Eugene Jacquescoley, The promoter Xtreme iRadio.com has not accepted your submission for the campaign Xtreme iRadio presents Xtreme Reverb Headliners 3rd QTR 2012. We regret to inform you that we have decided not to accept your submission at this time. We thank your for your time. - Thanks for your participation, Xtreme iRadio presents Xtreme Reverb Headliners 3rd QTR 2012”

“Eugene Jacquescoley, The promoter TAP Inc. has not accepted your submission for the campaign Sunset Strip the Movie's "Win a Trip to the Sunset Strip". Thanks for your interest in the Sunset Strip the Movie's "Win a Trip to the Sunset Strip" opportunity. After reviewing all the artists, we chose ReverbNation artist, DE5TRO. We thank you again for your participation and hope that you will submit to other future opportunities that we provide! Sincerely, Tommy Alastra TAP, Inc. Tommy Alastra Productions, Inc.”

“Eugene Jacquescoley submits for NBC Pilot "Marching Band.”

“Love "Horse Carnival" featuring Nipple Nose!!! Very ethereal, mystical, and mesmerizing!!! Wonderful creativity!!! Love to you!!!”

“love in Africa. fine work my friend. g”

“Here to support ya...playing Horse Carnival. Some fine work here.”

"If you leave me" is a masterpiece of simplicity and virtuosity. great music.

“Love in Africa... <3... great track!”

“Frenchman in Russia. cool vibe man. hat tip from chi towns ' Charlie Wax' look alike. be well. g”

“The UK & Charleena...Showing It's Love To Eugene,..Feeling You Here EJ, Keep Kicking It Down”

“Love "Occupy wall street-Life ain't too shabby" Beautiful! ❣❇♥✻♥❇❣ /JakI Song”

“Your brilliance shines brightly Eugene~ You're a fascinating cat...and very busy, Massive respect love and appreciation to you!”

“Your gift is undeniable!!!”

“Fantastic talent Eugene. 'Occupy Wall Street' it's heartfelt n true Life Ain't Too Shabby!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE”

“Je ne Pas Where Paris Est (the classical album) arrives on Island Def Jam Digital in 2013.”

“If You Leave Me Now (Jazz Instrumental) arrives in 2012 on Island Def Jam Digital.”

“I just loved the meandering melodies and sequences of musical phrasing quite a remarkable and thoughtful combination of ingenious music BRAVO an excellent composer”

"Occupy Wall Street" so impressive!!! What gorgeous music and beauty with a cause!!!Enjoyin' your talent!!! Big Love and Best Wishes Always!!!

“cheers Eugene :) & thanks for your friendship...hope you're having an awesome day!! blessings :)”

“Frenchman in Russia! - A Cryptic Ending”

“our music + Your site = GREAT TIME…. Very impressive tracks. I wish you the very best with your musical endeavors! Best, PAT BRANCH ♪♪♪♪♪♪”

“I admire your music and sounds, very creative and good work !!!! ____________greetings DJ ANTONIO-------------------------------( ESPAÑA )----------------------------”

“Eugene..your music is fantastic all the way around. I was especially struck by the pure beauty of "If You Leave Me Now." It's complete magic and I'm playing that one over and over again...you've grabbed my heart with that.”

“Palace Gardens on BO & Jim in the Morning Lone Star 925 FM.”

“Palace Gardens on DC 101.”

“If You Leave Me Now video on New Musical Express, UK.”

“If You Leave Me Now available as a ringtone on Myxer.com.”

“Eugene Jacquescoley launches classical music page on Black Planet.”

“Can This Black Man Sing The Blues (Jazz Instrumental) arrives mid 2012.”

“Frenchman in Russia! You're awesome!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

“Jacq brother u have your own thing goin on! So Artistic man..Waterfall P is So unpredictable! Have a Rockin Halloween!!”

“A Waterfall, A Princess and a Deer? Humm Love your piano, I got to hear this story some day. HH”

“great great great just great music here!!!! amazing”

“Horse Carnival" a delightful video & song! What an enchanting voice you have Eugene! So. Fla. love & sunshine * Patricia ♡ Oct 28”

“Stunning beauty in your piano journey on "If You Leave Me Now" Eugene!!!”

“Rob here..playin'.. Horse Carnival...Nice!!!”

“Like your Frenchman In Russia. Nice work. Are you back already? I was going to ask for acorns!”

“Dropping by to enjoy a good Friday morning with you and your wonderful music!! Always a Joy!!!Have a beautiful weekend ahead!!! Big Love and Best Wishes Always!!!”

“great great great just great music here!!!! amazing”

“if you leave me= SWEET. nice touch buddy. g”

“Amazing music here! Trust me”

“Thanks Eugene! just had a listen to Frenchmen in Russia...very inspiring tune!”

“Have visited your Palace Gardens ~ feels right!”

“Love in Africa is coming to iTUNES in early 2012.”

“This is AWESOME music!!!! Oct 22”

“Masterful work, best wishes!!! Oct 21”

“Dig the frenchman in Russia.... I think I get it..funny how music works.. Nice work Homeslice!! Kick ass in Beijing!!! Oct 22”

“Thank you..and Im enjoying the "Horse Carnival"..all the best to you”

“Frenchman in Russia. well done doc! g Oct 18”

“you're amazing! ♥ ♥ ♥ Oct 18”

“Gotta say, your style is way different than ours, but man do I love "If You Leave Me Now." Your awesome Eugene!! Oct 18”

“Frenchman in Russia ~ does the title or does the tune capture that feeling? It's the title Eugene ~ Gorgeous! Hoping you're well, Andrew Oct 17”

“Graphium and Jacquescoley's Palace Gardens on New Mexico's Real Rock.”

“Palace Gardens on Clear Channel Radio Syracuse.”

“Palace Gardens now playing on Temecula Valley Smooth Jazz Radio.”

“Jacquescoley and Graphium's Palace Gardens on DC 101,”

“Enjoying your great creativity and songs of intrigue!!! What a great variety of styles. Extremely talented and inspiring!!! Highly impressive!!! Big Love and all the Best!!! Oct 08”

“Wonderful music... love "Frenchman in Russia" like to hear a mastered version. Cheers, John BDH Oct 08”

“Awesome stuff Eugene! You are amazing! Oct 07”

“Awsome talent... Oct 07”

“Amazing sound!..al the best to you :-) Oct 06”

“Hi Eugene * what a beautiful rich voice! Palace Gardens * simply great!!! cheers from so.fla * Patricia”

“Wondrous sounds emininate from your splendid music!!! Enjoying "Frenchman in Russia" So melodious and captivating!!!! Big Love and Best Wishes Always!!! Sep 26”

“Nipple Nose and Jacquescoley's Horse Carnival on NME, UK.”

“If You Leave Me Now on NME, UK.”

“Jacquescoley on Celtic Radio, South Wales.”

“If You Leave Me Now on Centric TV Music Videos.”

“'All your songs are good, but If You Leave Me Now is prodical. It has the feel of Satie, which while not as complex as the other pianoists, is still very moving. Yours is magical and perfect too. Great work."”

“Look for Eugene Jacquescoley's voice as 'Wrath' in the British cartoon, Sailor Moon, Neon Goddess UK.”

“Look for Eugene Jacquescoley in Miranda J. Carr's new play Dysfunction later this year.”

"Really intriguing, impressionistic compositions..love the Lalo Schifrin/Gabriel Yared tone to "if you leave me now"..and I really dig that big verby piano sound..and "horse carnival" is a great experiment between melody an..."

"I have the most gifted and talented friends! Thank you for sharing.'