Et Tu Brucé / Press

“Certainly one of the best shows we’ve seen this year.”

“Dwelling somewhere in the interesting artistic nether region of sounds that are both refreshingly new yet evocative of the glories of the great pop past, the English combo have fashioned an upbeat, sparkling debut album in Suburban Sunshine.””

"...it [Suburban Sunshine] is a pleasant summer listen."

"Et Tu Bruce, showcased their guitar-based rock & roll sound with Beach Boys-like harmonies and well-written lyrics. Their album, Suburban Sunshine, is worth checking out."

“Opening was Et Tu Brucé, fronted by singer Jamie White, son of original Zombie Chris White. The group (singer-guitarists White and Matthew O’Toole, bass guitarist Darryn Bruce and powerful drummer Craig Bruce, joined by harmony singer Jo Griggs) produces a catchy, guitar-driven pop that in its droning and throbbing moments recalls the Feelies – and would not have been out of place on the 1980s college circuit.”

““Stars Fall” especially is a gorgeous song: I love the “oooh” vocals behind, “It’s a shame/ It’s the same every time around,” and the way it feeds into, “Stars fall, we’re the only ones who’ll ever know”. The layers, both on the vocals and the orchestration, gives this song more depth than the average psych pop song. There’s a vastness to the acoustic undertones and an increasing grittiness to the electric guitar parts as the song goes on. There’s a lot to be excited about here.”

"sure to grab North America by storm."

"West London meets West Coast in this great example of harmony laden pop...the album is highly addictive"

"intelligent mixing of genres such as pop, rock, folk, and country all tied together by tight musicianship and harmonies."

“The UK quartet will make its U.S. debut at SXSW, where it’ll cover Austin in a blanket of Byrds-y harmonies and sparkling guitars. The group’s so-called “West London meets West Coast” style finds them in line with fellow breezy Laurel Canyon revivalists such as Treetop Flyers—and a little band called Fleet Foxes."”

“Contemporary sounding, but with the same ear for hooks that made their forefathers so essential.”

"Brimming with irresistible, hooky, harmony-laden pop-rock..."

"Noteworthy for their excellent harmonies, and highly evocative melodic tendencies reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian and Oasis"