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"Singing with Etta makes me feel like I'm fifty again. ! She sings her ass off! " ! ! — Delbert McClinton “Etta often gets up and sings with me and my band. Whenever she gets behind the mic I just step back. There is no better singer and performer in the whole wide world. Seeing Etta Britt do her thang live is like getting some extra sugar on your corn flakes. She knows how to do it.” ! — Paul Thorn “Etta Britt - big voice. Will throw that thang down hard! But she might have impressed me the most on one of those ‘oh Hell, the-audience-forgot-to-show-up-to-the-gig’ nights we all have. Most singers/players just mail it in.! 15 out there (that includes a bartender and a waitress), and half way through the opening of the first song Etta and I make eye contact. We both grin.!I was sayin' "fuck it, let's rock". She was sayin' the same thing, maybe just a little nicer. Maybe not.So we did — rock that is. I'm damn proud of that gig, and her. That's me some Etta Britt.”! Dan

“Etta came in at #20 on the Living Blues Radio Charts. Living Blues Magazine is the most read blues medium in the world.”

Living Blues Magazine

“A paragraph from an article on Babyboomers.com. 1-4 are Kate Bush, Debbie Harry, Tina Turner and Madonna. 5. Etta Britt. The other ladies on this list are likely already familiar to you, but you might be asking yourself “Who is Etta Britt?” She’s a singer who’s worked with some of music’s greatest artists, including Kenny Rogers (she toured with him) and Mary Wilson of The Supremes, for whom she sang backup. At 55, she’s finally decided to step into the spotlight with her aptly named album “Out Of The Shadows,” on the Wrinkled Records label. Continuing a successful musical career after age 50 isn’t easy, but releasing your first debut solo album at the age of 55? That takes guts. Famous blues musician Delbert McClinton once said “Singing with Etta makes me feel like I’m fifty again!” Whether you’re 25 or 75, Etta Britt reminds women everywhere that it’s never too late to follow your dream. ”

“Etta has found a new home with nascent Nashville label, Wrinkled Records and we are finally getting the chance to hear her out front and in the spotlight. The album is the perfect mix of choice covers like the heartbreaking Harlan Howard tune “Chokin' Kind” and songs penned by Britt herself. Her song “She's Eighteen” really steals the show with its poignant account of a massive argument between Britt and her 18-year-old daughter.”