E.T.H.A.N. / Press

“I’ve been misleaded by the cover artwork, so futurist and space age look-alike. I don’t know why, but I expected different contents from E.T.H.A.N.’s cd. But a napalm poisoned riff literally nails the listener to the ground when the music starts. A heavy, powerful and well produced CD.”

“…a music with a huge dose of energy that makes the listening absolutely adrenalin. It’s hard to make a detailed analysis of each song, but “Hunting Season” surely stands out with its powerful riffs and the vocal parts that seems to play with the listener, passing from growl to scream in a almost-destabilizing way.”

“So violent, so devastating. We just have to start on following those E.T.H.A.N.”

carnival creation - metalwave.it

“The band shows an unquestionable maturity as in technical level as in songwriting capabilities. Tracks like “Hunting Season” and “Alien Mosh Song” are uncontrollable tough violence bursts in which E.T.H.A.N.'s potential emerges with unkinded heath. [...] The aliens are among us: be aware!”

Michele Martini - Rock Hard Italy

“E.T.H.A.N. are definetly an ultra-aggressive band which mix a brutal death metal sound (with black elements) with non-common technical features making a hit without missing their own way. Experiment turned out well.”

Marcello Lorenteggio - Metal Hammer Italy

“The Plot definitely unfolds into an amazing musical masterpiece. I'm loving those heavy riffs and vox!”

Eric Morris - Artist-fan

"You guys sound fresh, good to hear in the stale core scene now"

J_ratliff - fan on lastfm.com

“Job for a Cowboy, All Shall Perish, Whitechapel. Sono questo i nomi di riferimento per capire il genere proposto dalla band marchigiana, che è riuscita, nello spazio di cinque pezzi, a superare i miei pregiudizi verso questo genere, grazie soprattutto alla componente Brutal che ogni tanto (spesso, a dire il vero) fa capolino nelle tracce”

“La produzione è di alto livello e potrebbe tranquillamente competere con quella presentata dalle grandi label del settore [...] Le radici brutal alla base degli ascolti si sentono, ma non per questo il lato più “moderno” del genere viene intaccato. Allo stesso tempo, un uso ispirato di riff groove fa da sfondo a quasi tutte le composizioni e coinvolge l'ascoltatore.”

"A very technical post-hardcore metal which doesn't give any escape"

URSUS - Artist-Fan