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"...Mimmo indeed showcases a wide variety of styles and also a crucial characteristic in his music: it’s highly cinematic; hence it has been used by some independent video makers for short films and movies. His music is multi-dimensional, going through different moods, often in just one track. Mimmo seems to record postcards or snapshots where the themes are constantly changing from one to the next, thus holding the listener’s attention all the way through..."

“Mimmo D'Ippolito sound in its execution unfolds the wings of imagination and cinematic in its third composition with the monicker Eternalkeys we can frame it as a great link between the Nordic minimalism piano and some aspects existing in the imagination gothic fairy, "Arcanum Secret" is the perfect soundtrack to a dark and imaginative tale, alternating between sublime and ethereal aspects of languor and dark paths lit by a pale sun in the moors fantastic, the music of a lonely wanderer between Terre abandoned told with the 'voice' of ten tracks that whisper perceptions , tinged with strong colors and diaphanous pastels notes of a composition without borders, through soundscapes that dream may ask for the definition of small idylls, small perceptions of scenarios quiet, archaic, the title is the key to everything.”

"The music of Mimmo, in fact, is a kind of soundtrack "imaginary", a solo ambient music by the lapels "progressive" and sometimes classical, even experimental, however great charm and interest (...) The "arcane secrets" revealed in this album are all excellent and well played, a record that I recommend to all lovers of real music ... why these 10 blocks sound are pure art, where Mimmo demonstrates his versatility and skill, in addition to 'undeniable compositional imagination.   Let yourself be drawn into the vortex of feelings evocative labeled "EternalKeys" you'll be kidnapped and you can not live without!

" Arcanum Secret," a new work for the project " Eternalkeys " is the epitome of a creative mind alternative that invites us to wander through imaginary worlds made ​​of mystery and visions electronic , ethereal piano minimalism and perceptions IDM to fantasy but always in true cinematic style . The disc opens with "Letters and Pages " track where the plane reigns supreme and is the mouthpiece of melancholy that is a prelude to an intimate epic battles like the ones that tell us "Second War" and " Monumental Sign" . With " Parallelives ", " Memories gone" and " Farewell to Childhood" pass through fascinating and rarefied environments neoclassical darkwave flavor that guide us step by step in our journey towards a more reflective and dark "Dragon's Gate " . The mystery of the "Future City" and the sterile environment of " Glacial Wind" are small masterpieces of the best sci-fi soundtrack music ...

"In my opinion there, and not just in music, two different and complementary ways to get noticed: to represent a style already fully formed, or invent a highly personal style.If the second firm is difficult to impossible limits, getting in first is still not all.So on the honor: the genre "soundtrack" This is a beautiful work, done, of considerable emotional power."

Aufklarung - Indipendent Musician - Composer - Jamendo - Music web channel

"...an Artist very particular , I would say original, thing which these days is fairly rare"

Camillo Fasulo - Speaker, Author e Reviewer - "Radia Zioni" - Ciccio Riccio FM Radio Show

"You have good and unique sound. I enjoying listening to it. Some space music with electronic sound with it. Looking forward to hear more from you in the future."

Jeffrey Scott Lembke - Comment on "The New Age Music Circle"

"A phenomenal work of art by an incredibly talented Artist, Musician and Composer, I highly recommend "EternalKeys" to anyone. Truly an outstanding album."

"I quite enjoyed this track after I got into it. I wasn't sure at the beginning but when it reached :51 second mark I was hooked. Great downtempo piece with a nice flowing beat.Thanks for sharing this song with me."

Michael Foster - Director of "Ambient Vision" - Review about the Single "Forgotten Objects" From "Eternalkeys 2"

“One man project headed by the composer and virtuoso keyboardist Brindisi Mimmo D'Ippolito, Eternalkeys not put barriers of gender, exploring the sensations to 360 degrees and the potential of their favorite tools. The sinister atmosphere of "Night Presence"and the ominous tolling of "Sad Toys Factory" could thus be an ideal soundtrack for a horror movie, while the airy melodic classic piano that opens "Broken Fable" exploding in a nice progressive ride Yes ethereal, dreamlike style, as well as the title suggests, the new age of "Reflected Moon" and the epic coming off the end "River in the fog", for what is far more than just a taste of the technical expertise of 'author. I guess the most natural outlet for such compositions could be the world of movie soundtracks and documentaries, as even the simple home is undoubtedly play varied and enjoyable.”