Eternal Essence / Press

“Eternal Essence is a return to everything that was ever good about punk rock, all the expertise of heavy metal instrumentation, and the exacting values of painstakingly premeditated songwriting. In a word, E.E. is exactly what modern music has, literally, been dying without.”

“This group has a bright future. You know the buzz you get when you meet somebody and you seem compatible with your musical taste and you start talking about , are you familiar with (Spock’s Beard or Transatlantic come to mind) or older prog rock all stars (Gentle Giant, FM). Do you get more goose bumps when you connect or when they say, no haven’t hear them before? Usually I find the latter is more common, and I can say I get a better high from someone who checks it out, and the next time they see you become fanatics. If you know the feeling, go out and a limb and get this record. It will make you dig deeper and start following, because this band could be leaders of the pack. Be the first on your block to get it.”

"…And Servitude" is full of dark, mystical atmosphere, which gives it a lot of power, and "Epiphany" builds nicely from spacey vibes to a fully ardent ballad. The vocal harmonies and lead guitar work are especially intriguing. "Driving the Spear" exudes the impassioned singing and colorful tones of some of Ayreon's best work, while the longest track, "A Tragic Subconscious," is appropriately epic and multifaceted. As you might expect, the album closes on a softer piece ("Let You Go") centered on regret. Its subtle orchestration and thoughtful melody help it excel.

“All in all, this CD comes highly recommended, particularly for fans of female-fronted sympho-metal or harder-edged (but still tuneful) rock. I'll look forward to seeing (or hearing) where Eternal Essence's musical journey takes them from here....”

“Eternal Essence's A Light in the Distance charts a new, promising, and entertaining course for this talented band. Easily recommended.”

“Those of you into progressive rock with a slight Dream Theater edge, this could be your sleeper hit of the season. ”

“Excellent addition to any prog rock music collection”