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“Eternal darkness is hosting online Radio so check it out”

“'Cop Kill'hers' is extremely tight, great drumming on the track.”

- TPK - - TPK

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Metal Rocks

“Great sound! We love it. "Phlash the Band". Shelly, Damon & Travis”

Shelly, Damon & Travis - "Phlash the Band".

“New CD dirt in my eyes is the most kick ass cd made to date,new cd comes out in two weeks”

“Eternal Darkness has 3 new Members. check it out on Facebook”

“Last Ride" Tight overall mix/production, fat riffs, industrial vocals in your face vocals, slamming rhythms... I like it, and could easily see it in a live situation...i.e. the mosh pit...seriously Keep it up. Tucker \m/ ”


“New tracks online now.Test of Time is a free download as well as 3 cover tracks....get them now while you can”

Eternal Darkness

“www.trebleradiorocks.com Played two songs from Eternal Darkness CD today. Frea and Mind over Matter. Thanx to FreakNnutz John”

Eternal Darkness

“Politics is the new Religion video is now online and is a very dark video.Watch at your own Risk”

Eternal Darkness

“WOW The new Track(Bring me down) is one of the best songs writin by Eternal Darkness and to have a 9 year kid sing on the track is Great”

Fan of Metal

“New tunes online now that kick Asss”

Eternal Darkness

“Check outThanx for the add.Join the crew on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eternal-Darkness/336459947104 ”