Eric S. / Press

“You always seems to strike an inner chord with your music, it's like a journey through a long-forgotten labyrinth. Very atmospheric, brilliantly mixed and produced - the subtleties are as significant as the more prominent parts, they all play a superb roll in creating a real masterpiece.”

Rodrica Rudge - http://soundclick.com/rodricarudge

“You are master of athmosferic productions. Sounds incredible.”

LaughingSkull - http://soundclick.com/laughingskull

“Always enchanting. You are a very talented being!!!!!!!”


“This piece is "E-Stradinarily" brilliant! The rock Gods R smiling. ”

Shadow Entertainment - http://soundclick.com/shadowentertainment

“Magnificent. Very well prepared and impeccable production. Congratulations my friend!”

efrank - http://soundclick.com/efrank

“Captivating from the opening, throwing you into a series of memories, flashbacks and nightmares, spectacular textures and impressive production.”

Ekaterina - http://soundclick.com/Ekaterina

“Killer production... very cinematic. Great production and deep synth sounds. Really loved it! Can wait to hear what comes next! Kev”

Kevroc - http://soundclick.com/Kevroc

“Breathtaking! This is emotionally powerful, dramatic and beautifully arranged/composed. Exceptionally good piece of music, very impressive!”

Rodrica Rudge - http://soundclick.com/rodricarudge

“Mood, Atmosphere, Texture, Darkness, Visionary, Abstract. Journey. Adventure. Awakening. Heart. Soul. Love. A masterful mental movement of melodic proportions. Sir Eric,...I do believe that U have written the soundtrack 2 my emotions. I respectfully salute U. S h a d o w”

Shadow Entertainment - http://soundclick.com/shadowentertainment

“Wow eric this tune is superb, intense and demanding a listen, just love the feel to this ! ”

Doomtrain - http://soundclick.com/doomtrain

“Very intense beginning and end, You seem more free with form and stretching the limits of the membrane of form with your songs. I noticed a difference lately. This resembles dream states in my opinion, you are so good it is scary. I think we may have to get some kind of marketing scheme going on behind the backs of the record companies. (Possible?)”

Star Blue - http://soundclick.com/StarBlue

“Hi Eric, this is a very special piece of music, deep mysterious, intelligent, full of rumors, sampled voices, FX, a deep resonating guitar. Very, very good stuff here! I can see the movie, maybe even in black and white. Congrats from Frankfurt, my friend! Andreas”

Frankfurt Dialog Company - http://soundclick.com/frankfurtdialogcompany

“Masterful!! Amazing synth textures and atmospheres. A1 production. It must take forever to arrange something this amazing !!!”

Ataien - http://soundclick.com/ataien

“Once again I am totally blown away with your production quality! The depth, expansion, and interaction of wonderful sounds is unmatched! You know I am a "dance music" kinda guy with a short attention span, but you always draw me in and captivate to the end... wonderful sounds, exciting emotional journey that I am sure everyone interprets differently. Wow!”

Kerry Martin - http://soundclick.com/KerryMartin

“This is really cool ambient / progressive. The atmosphere you have created is strange and otherworldly. Nice work.”

Ataien - http://soundclick.com/ataien

“I really enjoyed the music, cranked it up, it was really relaxing I closed my eyes and was taken by the guitars. Nice!”

Russ St.George - http://soundclick.com/RussStGeorge

“Another one of your compositional goodies Eric! You are a hero to the music industry. Very few true prog artists left. I really enjoy your stuff!! ”

Eric McGrath - http://soundclick.com/ericmcgrath

"If anyone would like to write about me.....let me know" :)