EsQuille / Press

“Yeah – now this is good. I will play this in the coming weeks.”

My Skin On Your Skin - RMFM 87.8

“how good is this track a dance floor winner”

My Skin On Your Skin - The Q Club London

“How big is this gonna be 10/10”

My Skin On Your Skin - The Basshouse - UK

“A selfie style tune and this is good and I can see this doing really well nice sexy girl style vocals.”

My Skin On Your Skin - Steve Muntzer Lloyds / Jazzmins / Edwards / The Monster Mash Show, Juice Fm

“Excellent track”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ Darren Club Yates (london/essex/romford)

“This is a pumping electro club friendly workout with lush vocals. Head straight for the longer and better club mix and you wont be too disappointed”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ Rob Scott - UK

“This is working well on the build to peak time, although the heavy breathing on this can sound freaky when loud in the club hahaha”

My Skin On Your Skin - AMBERSOUND FM 107.2 - The A-List Show & Dancefloor

“full support top tune”

My Skin On Your Skin - IAN DAVIES - UK

“LIke this good production from EsQuille and nice vocals from Jane Badler quite catchy”

My Skin On Your Skin - Steven Henry- Posers Nightclub


My Skin On Your Skin - PAUL CRAWLEY UK

“cosy love it”

My Skin On Your Skin - Sky/Pulse FM

“Slamming driving house produced to the highest level! Top vocals, top baselines and catchy as hell get to the dance floor riffs! Sure player rocks bigtime!!”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ Crispian UK


My Skin On Your Skin - IVOR-MIX UK

“track is good could build into a biggie!”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ HAWES UK

“Catchy, maybe not a main set song but built up it could be.”

My Skin On Your Skin - JOHN MCGANN - Centenary Club

“great vocal”

My Skin On Your Skin - MyloRadio.net

“big tune love this mix its gonna be huge”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ ANDY UK

“A good lil warm up track.”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ MitchieMasha

“quality pumping vocal house the way it should be hopefully others will take note :) j”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ John J UK

“Interesting mix of styles. Its quite unexpected in parts. Almost and 80s feel to some of it. Quite ingenious really.”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ Simon Chisholm

“Brilliant track - great vocals - female voice brilliant love this type of track - class dance track great...”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ Tom UK

“I love the feel of this track!!”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ KEN NEWBY UK

“This something about this track I don't know if it's the baseline the bouncing this but it really worked well”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ TONY D PRINCE UK

“I have never thought of Jane Badler as a singer, just the evil Diana from V. But this track seems to creep up on you and fits in to a set well.”

My Skin On Your Skin - DJ LEGIN UK

“I'd like to thank my fans and friends for your support! Thanks for making the "Rock This Club Down" video a hit! I'd like to thank North Star Media Thanks to Skope, M-industries, Muziknotez, Music promotions, Reverbnation, FMQB, DDK, MTV. Thanks to all the DJs playing my tracks. Thanks to all the radio stations playing my songs. And a BIG thanks to the over 100 magazines reviewing my comeback EP: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marcel-hidalgo/esquille-an-edm-veteran-r_b_3818848.html http://whatculture.com/music/esquille-rock-this-club-down-ep-review.php http://iheardin.com/2013/09/17/artist-spotlight-esquille/ http://vipdjz.com/ http://trydj.com/track/ESQUILLE-Rock-This-Club-Down-Orig-Radio-Mix/878361/download/17-09-2013/ HAPPY NEW YEAR !”

EsQuille - Happy New Year

"Rock This Club Down" In this day and age, there is little that emerges from the dance and electronic music scene of Sweden that doesn’t toy with greatness. As a long standing practitioner in the field, Esquille has produced an EP that channels the aura of dance music throughout the ages, demonstrating that since his absence from the realm of EDM over the past ten years, the roots of the genre still possess the capability to rouse a dance floor to its feet.

"Rock This Club Down" EP The Swedish producer and songwriter, Esquille, is back from a decade-long hiatus and ready to release his electronic EP, Rock This Club Down. The five track come-back EP showcases Esquille's old school house style enhanced with a new electronic music influence. Rock This Club Down will be available in its entirety on September 15.

“Rock This Club Down The EP picks up on “Don’t Stop the Rhythm”. It’s even funkier than previous tracks and goes even further back in time to the 80s post-disco feel. The album jumps ahead on the next song “Moven Up”. It slightly echoes European house music for a somewhat classier sound. The EP closes with another retro funk homage in “House Thing”. Esquilles experience is evident in the production value and his ability to create what seems to be the perfect balance of ambiance and groove. I highly recommend Esquilles EP if you are a fan of innovative house music.”

“My first taste of EDM master ESQUILLE was the track "Don't Stop The Rhythm" from the EP Rock This Club Down. This song has a great rhythm, and is sure to be a club favorite. But you really need to listen to the entire 5 song EP to get a real taste of ESQUILLE's talent. "Rock This Club Down," the title track, is a little more edgy than "Don't Stop the Rhythm." I liked the beat changes, and I especially loved the female vocal addition on this one. It just gives it more appeal. I couldn't help wanted to get up and dance to this.”

“Rock This Club Down Swedish EDM veteran ESQUILLE is celebrating the release of his “Rock This Club Down” EP with a free single download as well as a streaming preview in advance of the Sept 15 release. He was recently featured in the Huffington Post here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marcel-hidalgo/esquille-an-edm-veteran-r_b_3818848.html”

“Rock This Club Down. The Swedish producer and songwriter, Esquille, is back from a decade-long hiatus and ready to release his electronic EP, Rock This Club Down. The five track come-back EP showcases Esquille's old school house style enhanced with a new electronic music influence. Rock This Club Down will be available in its entirety on September 15. You can stream a preview of the entire EP below, as well listen to his latest single "Don't Stop The Rhythm". Learn more about Esquille at his Facebook, and purchase the EP on his website.”

“Rock This Club Down It’s just after the weekend but the SCP HQ never stops partying especially when there is new dance pop being delivered to our mailbox, from our favourite pop producing land. Give it up for Swedish pop DJ/Producer EsQuille…”

“Rock This Club Down EP Confident there is no urge to jump on the dub-step band wagon or thrown in a bunch of breaks for edge, but incorporates a little dub-step like buzz to the bass-lines, but without harsh glitch and grind. ESQUILLE keeps a chill-out touch on songs like "Musica Electronica". It keeps the funky step of classic 90's era house, there is a sleek futuristic sheen that would make this easy to imagine but is smooth enough to have bumping in the background of Tron.”

“ESQUILLE's EP 'Rock This Club Down' is perfectly timed to take advantage of the flourishing European Dance scene and it is a good thing as it delivers David Guetta-type potential club classics right from the start...”

“Rock This Club Down Now, after a self-imposed exile from the music scene, he’s back with more music to churn out for his large fan base. His worldwide hit smash dance single, ‘I Take U Higher’, has yet again placed his names on the lips of clubs and dance floors all of the world. His next single, ‘HEYO’ (featured on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ )has been remixed and re-distributed for the clubs and the radio station and is still gaining momentum on the charts. Not one to rest on his laurels, the producer is set to release his very first EP later this month entitled ‘Rock This Club Down’. The title and lead-off single from the EP is a club banger that is guaranteed to extend his streak of hit club singles.”

“Rock This Club Down EP I wasn’t sure what to expect when I sat down to listen to Esquille. I love my share of dance music. From the early days of Lady Gaga to the even earlier days of 90s dance music, it’s always been in my playlist. Anyone remember LaBouche?They were great. Esquille is an EDM artist, producer, and collaborator from Sweden. He has enjoyed success worldwide...”

"Rock This Club Down". If you know anything about Swedish house music then you know the name Esquille. Before taking a break from music he blew up clubs in the 90′s and early 00′s . He has returned to the scene and if the title track of his upcoming e.p is any indication he has still got it. This sounds like he didn’t just pick up where he left off , but blended the old school funk seamlessly with any set a forward thinking D.J. might want to mix this in with.

“Rock This Club Down is packed to the brim with enough well-produced heavy bass and catchy rhythms to make you lose a few pounds from dancing your ass off” ”

“Rock This Club Down EP “If it’s a party you’re looking for, ESQUILLE’s EP Rock This Club Down will definitely bring the house down””

“Rock This Club Down EP “Swedish EDM artist ESQUILLE is back with Rock This Club Down, a 5 cut EP that is full of electronic goodies””

“Rock This Club Down EP “The title track and "Música Electrónica" are crammed with hard-hitting synthesizers and a gritty bass line. "Don't Stop the Rhythm" picks up the pace with keyboard while "Moven Up" and "House Thing" delivers a hypnotic groove.””

"Rock This Club Down" ESQUILLE EP Releases On Sept 15th Swedish electronic artist makes his return to dance clubs with “Rock This Club Down”.

"Rock This Club Down" ESQUILLE EP RELEASE 15th of September !