Es Nine (Producer/Turntablist) / Press

“Anatomy of a hip-hop song: Denver producers weigh in on what it takes to make a great track !!! ​Es Nine (aka Carlos Ayala) is the production mastermind behind Prime Element (the trio formerly known as 3 the Hardway). He is a technical guy, in that he can break down the specifics of producing in a way that makes it sounds more like a prolonged game of Jenga, rather than a complex system of bells, whistles and other tricks designed to create audio euphoria. An engineer at the core, Es-Nine is a hip-hop purist, preferring the boom-bap and the kick of hard drums to the more shallow approach of modern production. For Es-Nine, the hip-hop connection to the track is all about the sample, and that art is perfected only by being an avid crate digger.”

“Best Hip-Hop Producer - 2009 -Es Nine- "He's produced tracks for the likes of KRS-One, Dilated Peoples, Braille and Killah Priest, but that's not why people are talking about Es-Nine. His group, Prime Element, recently released its debut album, Set in Stone, which was entirely produced by Es-Nine and features some of the hardest head-nodding beats to come out of Colorado in some time. But it doesn't stop there: Es is also working on his own solo album as well as projects with Mane Rok and a new solo album from A.I.V.U.S."”