ESK38 / Press

“Big shout out from Gucci Gucci Gucci. Brick Squad 1017”

Gucci Mane

“Stay on ya grind and keep doing ya thang E.S.K 38, Boss!”

Rick Ross

“Ready when you ready to drop ya 1st Gangsta Grillz! So lets brand ya name into the industry.”

D.J Drama

“We got your EPK. You still need some work, but we were definitely impressed with the improvement from the last meeting. Please keep improving and stay in contact.”

Cash Money Records

“Keep building on that "Star Quality." Remember, it's more than music, it's business. Before you shop for a deal, know what it is that you looking for and what you need instead of signing your life away just to say "Hey, I got a record deal." Good luck on your career.”

P. Diddy