Escaped the Complete Journey Experience / Press

“Dug your promo. Can't go wrong with Journey. ”

Gadden - Gadden Reverbnation

“Nice Journey tribute! Best Regards”

Jordan Martin - -Jordan Martin Reverbnation

“Excellent cover of the Journey band,best of luck with your show.....”

Charles from The Fabulous Del Counts - Charles from The Fabulous Del Counts Reverbnation

“Nice job - you have Journey down cold. ”

Rick Frost - Rick Frost Reverbnation

“We appreciate what you all throwing down !! ”

Pain and Cable - Pain and Cable Reverbnation

“Great Job! we love it! Ann, Rick, Bob, Jack, Glenn.. ”

Screaming Ant - Screaming Ant Reverbnation

“very cool ;) ”

Common Ground Blues - Common Ground Blues Reverbnation