Eryn Shewell / Press

"This is an album chock full of singles as compared to one that may have one or two good songs, and all the rest filler. This is world-class hit making, and is extraordinary uncommercial. A balance that is rarely achieved these days."

" This is an adult contemporary disc that culls years of experience with elations and triumphant wins, and places them in an intricate arrangement of production and presentation that will take her far up the ladder of commercial success."

"Shewell is a young person with an old soul. She takes the listener on a roller coaster ride of emotions on her latest release."

““3.5 stars out of 4 - Eryn’s latest record is like a time machine that gracefully glides between two worlds and creates an utterly timeless experience that will grow on you with each and every listen."”

““…the fusion of genres is this CD's greatest strength. The songs Eryn writes are so strong that they transcend the standard blues, jazz and soul we hear so often and Eryn always adds something of her very own. The songs get better every time you listen…””

““I genuinely cannot believe this great musical talent is not signed to a major record label. Are they deaf or just plain stupid? Eryn is light years ahead of so many of the signed artists out there.””

"a seductive range changing voice..." "...bending and moving to the music, especially in tunes where her voice trails off in jam band moments of pleasant belting-meets-screaming...when songs later her voice is soft as butter and seems to roll off and melt into the air around you."

Lisa Rich - Backbeat (USA)