Eryn Bent / Press

“You can hear her enthusiastic, emotional approach - often wailing, whispering, and growling on the same song...”


“...Bent has often culled from her own experience but in a way that surpasses the "I liked someone who didn't like me" building blocks of every damn song ever written, for a soul-baring glimpse into the events of her life that formed her.”

Alex de Vore - Santa Fe Reporter

“Her tough-as-nails yet plaintive narratives add to her flaming musical presentation.”

Weekly Alibi

“A classically trained...songstress outta Montana that touches upon the deep folk traditions of the West, Bent's fiery yet deftly controlled vocals have been burning up the scene...”

Weekly Alibi

“...her songs, which are definitely sad in places but do showcase that all-important element of hope. Country and Americana can fall victim to over-used tropes or an almost cookie-cutter style of lyricism, yet Bent deftly avoids these...The best word to use here would be authentic.”

“It's hard not to respect a singer-songwriter who cracks open her personal life in order to access the depths of loss and sadness, as well as the heights of hope and love, and Bent accomplishes this while neatly sidestepping any saccharine bullshit or overtly calculated musical marketing ploys; homegirl really means it, and then some.”

“Bent's emotional, introspective take on a style that dwells within the realms of country, pop and rock speaks to me from behind its highly personal lyricism.”

“Let's talk Eryn Bent, the classically trained and studied singer-songwriter who utilizes her intimate knowledge of how music works to craft introspective and autobiographical folk songs of the highest caliber. The angel-voiced guitarist who effortlessly bridges genre gaps in such a subtle yet meaningful way that you'll swear that last song was about you. If her song, "What I Crave" is as lyrically true as it seems, then her whole world is music and song. And if you're wise enough to heed the words of "Fall in Love with Me," you'll be at this show, Santa Fe. You'll close your eyes and listen intently. You'll find yourself completely captivated, because this is a level of beauty in music that few ever truly obtain, and a credit to folksy mavens worldwide.”

Alex de Vore - Santa Fe Reporter

“No song is like another, and their unexpected varietal shifts surprise and inspire you to lean in and have a listen.”

“The diverse do-it-yourself attitude that embodies indie music and its sub-genres naturally inhibits Eryn's songs.”

“... of the songs that are about her own life...(she) weaves through her compositions without strain, overwrought sentiment, or cliche.”

“Her songs disarm you - talk you out of your armor. And while this 24-year-old indie folk singer says she pursues her dreams to save her own life, she might in the process save yours - or help you resurrect a sliver of the soul you lost trudging along the winding, beaten way called status quo.”

“Catch her while you can, because Lewistown's tough, funny and extremely talented songstress Eryn Bent will only be here a short while. And you don't want to miss the chance to hear her meadowlark voice and passionate poetry in music live.”

Annette Hayden - Lewistown News Argus