Eron Falbo / Press

"There’s so much life and excitement in this album, it’s almost impossible not to love, and if that’s not enough, the production and care to detail is sure to push it over the edge. There’s a genuine love of music in Falbo’s body, and it shows through in everything he does. It’s a captivating record, if merely for the question of what great things are undoubtedly in store for Falbo."

"73 plays like a sampling of talent. Eron Falbo is clearly a talented musician, and with each song almost focusing on a different facet of his skill, you walk away with a fully painted picture."

“Falbo fashions himself in the “Poets of Rock n’ Roll” lineage and does a fantastic job conjuring up the same kind of lyrical magic that made ’60s rock so memorable. With the unmistakable lyrical charge of “What I Could’ve Been,” Falbo makes his case as a viable torch-bearer in the tradition of Johnston’s previous muses. Like his heroes, Falbo obviously has the modern gift of turning a phrase, while often leaning farther into the past for inspiration.”

“New genius of the global rock scene.”

“The guitar work in '73' is delicious.”

“Go buy Monday!”

“Eron Falbo, folk rock and a british sound texture directly from the source.”

“His folk and blues break boundaries and don't admit of limitations.”

“Enigmatic artist with an unexpected story”

"The people I choose are destined for greatness and Eron is unique in this generation."