Ernest Troost Film Music / Press

“Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder … Barry M. Wilson's photography and Ernest Troost's folk-song-inspired music help tell a story that does indeed feel true. ”

Ron Wertheimer - The New York Times

“Beat (Lions Gate) ...packed with melody and poignancy. Another demonstration of Ernest Troost's flexibility and diversity. ”

Andrew Keech - Music for the Movies.com

“Amy and Isabelle (ABC, Oprah Winfrey Presents) Ernest Troost’s music...works extremely well in counterpoint to the inhibited emotions of the characters. ”

Steve Oxman - Variety

“Tremors (Universal) Special praise...to composer Ernest Troost for the surging musical score. Troost’s rousing, western-style sounds smartly fit both the film’s geography and its thematic points of horror and comedy. ”

Duane Byrge - Hollywood Reporter

“Tremors (Universal) Tech credits are first rate, particularly the sound, creature effects and Ernest Troost’s John Williams inspired score--enough to evoke images of a fin knifing through the desert sand. ”

Daily Variety

“A Lesson Before Dying (HBO FILMS) A special note should be made to Charles C. Bennett's historically accurate and detailed sets as well as Ernest Troost's mood-setting music. ”

Daily Variety

“One Man’s Hero (MGM/ORION) ...with Ernest Troost’s appropriately stirring score’s strong assets,...”One Man’s Hero” has the stuff of a cavalry classic... ”

Kevin Thomas - The Los Angeles Times

“Beat (Lions Gate) ...another example of Ernest Troost's perceptive handling of filmic subtexts and his ability to reach beneath the surface of a scene and echo musically the sensibilities that lie dormant beneath the surface. ”

Randall Larson - Soundtrack Magazine

"Beat" (Lions Gate) ...Ernest Troost provides a solid musical score that can be easily paired with those of John Williams, Mark Isham, and Michael Nyman for the sure diversity of the elements contained herein.

David A. Koran - Soundtrack.net

“Beat (Lions Gate) A cup of espresso to Ernest Troost for the film’s jaunty woodwind sounds, giving “Beat” a much needed bounce. ”

Duane Byrge - Hollywood Reporter

“Calm at Sunset (CBS, Emmy-nominated score) To their credit, director of photography Glen MacPherson and executive producer Richard Welsh have given “Calm at Sunset,” which was filmed in Nova Scotia, a superbly authentic look, enriched by Ernest Troost’s lush, atmospheric music score. ”

Don Heckman - Los Angeles Times