Ernest James Zydeco / Press

“The album 'Automatic Harvester ' buzzes from the first note with energy and talent. Ernest James and his band made an album with eleven songs. The atmosphere of the album is warm, we hear Ernest James rocking blues mix with Creole music known as Zydeco. But we also hear RnB, Funk and Rock and Roll. The results are great, the music swings with a rhythm that lets the sun shine for the listener. Ernest James plays on the album accordion, guitar, dobro and keyboards. He also leads the vocals. The band consists of Barry Barnes on the rub board, Jaisson Taylor drums and percussion and vocals, Mike Stover on bass and banjo, and Tony Lacroix on guitar and vocals. My favorite tracks on this swinging album are 'Automatic ', ' Bulldog ' and YJ 's . What a wonderful album!”

Rudolf van der Ree - Rudolf's Music (Holland)

“EJZ summons up the ghost of Clifton Chenier. Since James plays the piano note accordion, the same variety Chenier did, its only natural that some first generation-type riffs are reminiscent of the King of Zydeco. But EJZ cultivates its own personality on this all-original affair: bursting island beats, squelchy reggae keys, Sacred Steel-ish notes and gospel harmonies... Traditinal waltzs for resounding affect, raucous and worthy anywhere in the world. EJZ has found its niche between the "Paris of the Plains" and the southwest prairies of Louisiana.”

Dan Willging - Offbeat Magazine

“Ernest James, a singer and dazzler on accordion, leads one of the few Creole r&b style bands outside the Bayou State. Beyond the zydeco good times, James delivers blues of suitable purpose and intensity.”

Frank-John Hadley - DownBeat Magazine

“'Automatic Harvester' is a bombastic, high-octane cruise through the bayou. EJZ is a reminder that zydeco has a rich tradition outside of Louisiana.”

“The new album of originals pumps out energy, talent, heart and soul. Yeah, EJZ plays zydeco, but they are so much more than that. The little touches are the things that add depth, excitement and sparkle. And they appear in this album time after time, song after song. A couple of 3/4 time waltzes are included, with the delightful pleading emotionalism of the Cajun genre. Delightful and ebullient, this album is." (5 out of 5 stars)”

LaDonna Longberger Sanders - KC Blues Society

““Living proof of sizzling good zydeco! Excellent band and music!!!””

Bill Martin - Blues News, Blues Society of Tulsa

“I'm rotating "Automatic" and "Knock Me Over With A Feather" on the air. I love the whole CD. Getting good response every time one of those songs plays.”

Rick Nesbitt (disc jockey) - KEUN fm Eunice, Louisiana

"What a fantastic CD guys!!! Played it all the way home...AFTER a great live performance."

Carol B. - (fan)

"Ernest James Zydeco lets loose with the soaring melodies of their own red-pepper zydeco tunes. Passionate [and] fun!"

"Ernest James Zydeco use the style indigenous to Louisiana as a spicy base in an eclectic gumbo of American music. “3 Steps From La La,” is an excellent new album!

"I have it in the car CD deck and have been digesting every note of it song by song. It is Delightful."

“you and your band ROCK. The dancing was practically involuntary. Thaks for a great show and for selling the CDs at such an affordable price. I listened all the way home! Come back soon.”

Louise - a fan

"Terrific! You guys just make me wanna move!"

C. Nelicle - fan

"Y'all are just so unique in your style. Makes me just smile. Great Work!"

b. bracciano - fan

"Love it!" -Betse "Ahhmazing!!" -Tina "Authentic and Joyous! Thank You!" -Delia

Quotes from PV Crawfish Festival 2012

““Music was infectious...couldn't stop tapping my feet.” -Patrick OMalley”


““GREAT BAND!!! Love Zydeco” –Jessie”


"No question that Ernest James and his band play music with Jubilation . . .forged a tight sound that wrings ample flavor - sweet, salty, smoky, spicy... for the listeners to lap up. James is a consummate front man, singing with confidence and flare and leading his band as they craft rhythmic songs with feeling ... a find display of zydeco's tradition of roots that remain open to adapting other forms of music and dance."

"Ernest James Zydeco takes the roots of zydeco and infuses them with elements of blues, jazz and reggae to create a unique sound that brings the bayou to Kansas City...Exciting instrumentation and a group of talented musicians, their recording proves that Ernest James Zydeco can get a crowd of people to kick up their heels or kick back and relax"

"Awesome! Some of the tightest rhythm you'll hear. Even the slow songs have that undeniable smooth driving force."

Jerry Thompson - Kansas City Blues Soceity "Blues News"