Erin McDougald, Flapper Girl / Press

"I have rarely, if ever, worked with a vocalist so willing to take songs so out of the box. A lot of people call themselves jazz singers, but, really, very few actually are. Erin embodies what it means to play jazz. And she takes every opportunity she can to reinvent her repertoire, or at least keep us all on our toes. It's fun for the audience and it's a musician's dream. She is never boring, and she is notorious for working with the best musicians anywhere she goes. And it shows in how her ideas come together on the fly. Erin McDougald is a jazz singer other singers can learn from."

~Rob Block

"The best jazz singer in Chicago is Erin McDougald, no ifs ands or buts about it."

~Maynard Kier

"Sometimes I close my eyes so not to be persuaded by her attractiveness... No one in town can sing a ballad like Erin McDougald. She's got a way that gets you *here* every time."

~Bob Solone

"She doesn't need to play an instrument, her voice is one hell of an instrument and she knows what to do with it. That's a real jazz singer."

~Harold Maybern

"I remember you! Your voice knocked me out! Erin? You have serious talent!"

~Cedar Walton

"Don't let her looks fool you, she is a jazz musician through and through! A lot of soul."

~Gene Lees

"I really enjoyed working with [Erin], she is a wonderful vocalist with so much beauty in what she produces."

~Tom Harrell

"Baby Girl swings her ASS off!"

~Dave Liebman

"Her group is truly excellent: superior to many groups recording today. McDougald's phrasing is beautiful, particularly on the ballad and medium-tempo tracks; she has excellent vocal pitch and also swings, especially when the tempo accelerates. I expect her to go places"

Ric Bang - The Davis Enterprise

"Chicago possesses an abundance of impressive vocal talent and one stellar voice that shines above the rest is Erin McDougald. Performing with her seasoned trio, she is sultry, powerful, controlled and passionate. This music is made for listening"


"Jane Monheit has nothing on you, you sound beautiful"

Peter Cincotti

"I've worked with the greatest singers in history (Ella, Joe Williams, Carmen McRae...) and Erin is one of the best... something very sweet about her interior... She has 'it'! I LOVE her singing"

Buddy Bregman

"She sounds really good"

Freddie Cole

"Inside her rich voice, a multitude of deep layers [which] weave between brightness and darkness; when one is revealed, another lies beneath, [offering] the fire of the sun and the mystery of the moon in every haunting phrase"

Soul (France)

"Admirably talented"

Jazz Times

"The honey-throated siren and future jazz legend, Erin McDougald, marries wit and seduction like no other..."

Tim Picard - The Delaware Gazette

"Evocative artistry"

Chicago Music Guide

"McDougald sings with a maturity beyond her years, her repertoire bulges, she is a portrait of elegance... Like Anita O'Day, McDougald's voice can be sultry, romantic, husky and as clear as a tuning fork-- sometimes all at once. In short, she swings."

Dave Wieczorek - City Talk

"McDougald's voice is a rare instrument... sweet and spicy in equal measure... Her phrasing is thrilling... gorgeous.. worldly... Positively mercurial!"

John Barrett Jr. - Jazz Improv