Erin Armstrong / Press

“It's Armstrong's heart-felt attachment to her music that makes it so special.”

Jackie Miehls - Performer Magazine

“She may just be the lost love child of Carole King and Ben Folds”

Sara Miller - Charleston City Paper

“I like 'Bumpy Ride.' I love your cornucopia of tunes.”

Devendra Banhart - outside of Little Joy actually.

"Given Armstrong's impassioned talent and her band's flawless performance, it is not hard to fall for her.

Aaron Levy - The Charleston Post and Courier

““[Armstrong] sings with a voice that is sincere...expect to be stunned...expect to be awed.””

Aaron Levy - The Charleston Post and Courier

“Your songs are different. In a great way.”

Ferraby Lionheart - 'This is My Knife' Sessions

“Shit, girl, you gotta be tellin' people when you're a finalist on the A&R show on Little Radio!”

Shawnte Salabert - Hacktone Records

“'E Hemingway' changed my life. Seriously. Thanks.”

Skott - Descend