Erik Smallwood / Press

“A refreshing step away from the popular “Bro-Country” artists crowding the airwaves, Smallwood offers a soulful voice and authentic sound that appeals to music lovers of all genres.”

“This is gritty Southern rock that fuses in enough touches of modern branded country to make this work right alongside any of the edgier male acts of today.”

“In his upcoming single, Water in My Hometown, Erik Smallwood has vowed to reach beyond the depths of bro-country drinking and sex romps to include more ‘grown up’ material, and in this he succeeds. Water in My Hometown, is a universal cut, that twangs as hard as it bangs; a clever reflection and homage to, not only his hometown, but that southern sound simply, known as Muscle Shoals.”

“They say there’s something in the water in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and if that’s the case then I guess Erik Smallwood has been drinking some of it.”

“The material is VERY strong, very professional. The songs are delivered with a lot of passion and sincerity.”

““I can hear all the ingredients of his roots, from Muscle Shoals to Carolina it’s all there, Country-Southern Rock-Blues. I expect radio and the industry to welcome him with open arms!””

“His voice is boisterous, incredibly pure and in my opinion, his audio recordings do not do him justice. You have got to hear him live to get the real deal. ... This is not rough talent. This is polished and finely tuned.”

Tom Gonzalez - Singer/Songwriter/Professional Musician

“Erik Smallwood’s music is like a young Southern suitor — the kind that wraps you up in its arms for a sway in a night-shrouded cornfield but still gets you home on time.”

"Erik Smallwood brings more fun and soul to the stage than anyone I've seen in along time. His bluesy voice and hilarious antics will leave you with chills and a giant smile. From the beginning of the set until the end, I am continually amazed by his talent and variety of music. There is never a dull moment with Erik and his homie, Neil."

Maggie Gordon - Former Promotions and Marketing - Mortimer's Cafe and Pub and Leroy Fox, Charlotte, NC

“If you haven't had a chance to see Erik, you should check him out! His sound is infectious and fresh, and he loves a crowd!”

Leigh Ann Grant-Tomlinson - Owner - The Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar, Garner, NC

“His singer/songwriter style is stacked with sweet and soulful sounds...”

“Nice guy? Check! Great voice? Check! Talented songwriter? Check! Amazing musician? Check! I feel truly blessed to have worked with Erik at this stage in his career. This super-talented singer/songwriter, musician, and all around nice guy could do really big things in the music industry.”

“Unlike many who are not sure what life paths to follow, Erik has made it clear to all who know him, that he truly loves music. To this end, he has worked tirelessly in his efforts and his music tells his stories.”

Radar - Host of Java Expressions - Coffee Scene, Fayetteville, NC

“Artist Erik Smallwood has matured into one of the area's finest artists to catch live, thanks in part to his confidence as a performer, and electric energy on stage.”

“Erik Smallwood is a high driven performer with great talent. He has the motivation and talent to take him so many places.”

“The first time I heard Erik, I became an instant fan as I watched him in his element, connecting with the crowd with both comedy and passion. His vocals are both delicate and strong, and he's always "right on." His songs leave you dying to hear more!”

Katie Aitken - Musician - Joe Lies, Raleigh, NC

"Erik Smallwood has always been an original. His style is raw, extremely believable, and heart felt."

“It's amazing when artist can write songs and you feel like you have known that person forever & can truly feel through your soul what they are saying and feeling...and that's Erik Smallwood.”

Ashley Keith - Graphic Designer, Fayetteville, NC

“Erik's music is passionate and sincere and I always find myself wanting to sing along...”

“Erik Smallwood is a breath of fresh air in the Raleigh music scene and it's nice to have a musician as talented and personable as Erik. Erik has what it takes to get the attention of many appreciative ears.”