Erik Larson and Peacemaker / Press

"...but the kicker was Erik Larson's Peacemaker! Billy Chainsaw singing and playing his bass left-handed but upside-down!!! WHAT!?! Plus Joeeddy Hines with Danny Hawk on pedal steel make this musician Texas proud. Amen!"

““Erik Larson and Peacemaker” will be on my top 5 list of favorite local CD’s this year. At first I was a bit surprised by the rootsy, country flavor and the newfound honesty coming from Erik’s rock and roll heart. But listen. The album’s got an authenticity and Stonesy grit, with recurring themes about drinkin’, drugs, messin’ up, and a turbulent family relationship. In the end, it seems, peace is made with the demons, and redemption comes. A great album from start to finish.”

"Local hotshot Erik Larson and Peacemaker is an outfit not to be missed. From catchy to heartbreaking, ELP's songs are true craftsmanship."

R. Deadly - Rank and Revue