The Erik Jurado Experience / Press

“I never thought I'd want anyone to be thrown in jail for their music before, but this was an assault on my ears man.”

A&R Representative Phil McCracken - Mainstream Music for the Masses Monthly

“Very impressive, bro. It's rare to come across somebody this bad at music, and still have the balls to upload it for all the world to hear. I'd be too embarrassed.”

Mike Hockhurtz - email message

"Get a real fukcing job!"


“I'll be your fan and you to fan me back, okay bro? Who cares about the music, let's build our fan bases.”

Typical ReverbNation Jackoff - Phony Musician Daily

"I didn't know you made music. I guess they let anyone join this place - Hahaha Yeah!"

Glue Monsters - Glue Review