Erik Deutsch / Press

“With the guitar lines more pronounced and gradually building in intensity so too did Erik with his organ until he literally stole the spotlight once again with a couple measures of soulfully chaotic playing.”

“The album is impressive in both the wide sonic swath it cuts across a multitude of genres, and in how it celebrates Deutsch’s unique musical ability to merge a variety of tonal textures into a soundscape all his own.”

“he’s a formidable leader in his own right, and he proves it on Hush Money, an instrumental album full of atmosphere and attitude”

"Overall, this is a composer's album, rather than a player's, and Deutsch is a talent to watch."

“Pianist Deutsch draws freely from circle of collaborators on ‘Hush Money’”

"There's so much music here, so many styles, yet nothing sounds forced, facile or phony."

"Deutsch's music is likely to be satisfying for those coming to jazz from the jam band or rock community, rather than jazz fans looking for something outside of the traditional norm."

“I could go on, but maybe I should just say Mistico will appeal to any of you who played Jeff Beck's Wired album to death. Beck's great, but Hunter's got more tricks up his sleeve, that's for sure.”

“It's simple, lo-fi music, and we're told that most tracks were recorded in one or two takes, without any charts. There's only one ballad, "Estranged," with the rest in the main consisting of greasy mid-tempo guitar riffs bounced off fat drum backbeats. Uncluttered, rhythmically and harmonically unsophisticated, but always flowing, and played with total conviction. Simple in the best sense of the word.”

"The trumpeter Ron Miles is no stranger to certain New York jazz audiences. He has worked extensively in ensembles led by the guitarist Bill Frisell, one of his closest peers, and the violinist Jenny Scheinman, with whom he will appear next Monday at Joe’s Pub. "

"The face of drummer Simon Lott said it all. He and pianist/keyboardist Erik Deutsch are the newest members of The Charlie Hunter Trio after the departure of saxophonist John Ellis and drummer Derek Phillips. Judging by the new sound Lott and Deutsch bring, the new Charlie Hunter Trio could make a case as the new Garage A Trois."

"Deutsch obviously shares [Art] Lande's enthusiasm for clean-sounding pianists like Evans, Corea, Jarrett, and Jamal, and he brings that graceful sort of lyricism to material..."

“I'm reminded of George Winston or Vince Guaraldi in the piano playing of Erik Deutsch, but I'm equally reminded of the landscapes, knives and glue of the group Radiohead in other keyboard forays. This young man should get more attention from the jazz community. He has the chops, the ears, and the heart to create music...well evidenced on this recording... that embraces the nexus of seemingly disparate cultural realms.”

"Erik Deutsch's first project as Erik Deutsch actually includes a bunch of other folks--and their names are some of the best-known among NY scene insiders. The distinction matters: "Fingerprint" is a masterwork of arrangement, weaving avant-garde threads into a sweet, even moving, mutual reliance."

"This is an intriguing disc that implies a certain artistic mindset (Deutsch seems strongly influenced by the '70s work of both Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock), then subverts it in a half-dozen entertaining and inspired ways. "

"Mostly, though, Deutsch’s music sounds like itself. Hush Money is among the most absorbing instrumental discs of this year."