Eric Wilson and Empty Hearts / Press

“Wilson's compelling debut is hewn from the heartland and imbued with sepia-toned imagery. The results are manifest in authentic back-porch balladry molded from an insightful personal perspective. Ultimately, that honest emotion and rugged defiance keep Quarterfuse fully ignited.”

“Eric Wilson has heart. And a lot of it.”

“Recalling the early days of Whiskeytown, the group mixes flourishes of steel guitar with the occasional — but always effective — guitar solo to achieve heart wrenching results.”

“no reason for twang-phobes to be scared off, Quarterfuse's songs, production and vocals are all straightforward, and surprisingly robust.”

"a voice that beckons early Jackson Browne..."

Dara Carson - The Americana Folk Festival

“By turns, he picks a guitar to accompany a rootsy ballad, croons about modern life, and then reaches deep for a soulful expression of love and loss. He tops it all with some catchy folk pop tunes that have played regularly on WRLT's Lightning 100”