Eric Taylor / Press

“If you find yourself reacting in the adverse to Taylor's music, I'll ask you to buck up and really listen because the one thing that keeps him at the top of his game as one of our best living songwriters is his compassion. It's in every song.”

Christy Claxton - Peace From The Porch

“Eric Taylor has been one of the finest southern songwriters for more than three decades, and Hollywood Pocketknife, marked by plainspoken but authoritative singing, ranks among his finest work. One thing that I've always loved about Eric's music is the way his songs are often from a character's perspective, completely, or at least seemingly, outside of himself . . . . capturing the unique lives, or moments in the lives, of the kinds of people we might not ordinarily notice but for a skilled writer like Eric who finds something to zero in on.”

Sing Out!

“An Eric Taylor concert is more than a sampling of his substantial repertoire with a few pithy intros and stories thrown in for good measure. It's a seamless performance and a piece of musical theater in which you sometimes don't realize where the stories end and the songs begin. It's a masterful, highly evocative, and riveting piece of art.”

Steve Givens, High Valley House Concerts

“Simply said, Eric Taylor is an American treasure. ”

Arthur Wood - Folk Wax

“Listening to his record reminds me of how I felt when I first encountered fellow Texan Guy Clark’s classic, Old No. 1,....that I am in the presence of a uniquely American voice. ”

Vin Scelsa, WFUV

“Here is a master impressionist. Taylor’s novelistic style of writing allows him to stand shoulder to shoulder with those Texas-born literary giants, Larry McMurtry and Cormac McCarthy. ”

Brum Beat Magazine

“If there’s anything better than Nanci Griffith or Lyle Lovett singing an Eric Taylor tune, it’s Taylor singing it himself...he’s one of those songwriters that has the ability to plop you down in the middle of a story or a situation and make you care that you’re there. ”

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“Like Taylor at his best in concert, The Great Divide is sparse, concise and direct. No wonder it hits the bull's-eye. This is what being a Texas singer-songwriter is all about. ”

William Michael Smith - Houston Press

“I’m always the opening act when I’m around Eric. I love his voice, and he has a great narrative quality and sense of detail. He sort of takes you out of your own reality and into the reality of his songs. It’s good writing no matter how you cut it. ”

Lyle Lovett - songwriter

“Eric Taylor....a very gifted songwriter. It was a high point for me performing “Strong Enough For Two” with him at the Newport Folk Festival. Hope to work more with him. ”

Joan Baez - performer

“I think Eric Taylor is one of the best writers working today. He has his own voice and his own vision. His arrangements on Resurrect are beautifully sparse, only what’s needed is there. His lyrics are equally spare and right to the point. He is Texas, but he doesn’t drag the whole state behind him or wave it like a banner. My girlfriend made the mistake of lending me Resurrect and now she knows she’ll never get it back. ”

Bill Morrissey - songwriter

“Eric Taylor’s work always garners praise from me. Resurrect is eleven stars for eleven songs of marvelous integrity in timeless storytelling. If you miss an opportunity to hear Eric Taylor in concert, you have missed a chance to hear a voice I consider the William Faulkner of songwriting in our current time, and you will miss the rare opportunity to watch the hands of one of America’s most unusual guitarists, with lyrics that will nail your heart to your ear and mind. For me to say that Eric Taylor is one of the finest writers of our time is an understatement. ”

Nanci Griffith - songwriter

“Serious fans of singer-songwriters will agree that a new album of songs from Eric Taylor is surely something to celebrate. [On The Great Divide] Taylor, sounding remarkably renewed, demonstrates rare intensity matched with a combination of wordplay and melody that again confirms his stature as one of Texas’s master songsmiths. ”

Jim Caligiuri - Austin Chronicle

“Eric Taylor is one of the few artists I’ve ever seen with a greatness that wreathes about him as he takes the stage, no matter what size the venue. An audience instinctively knows to shut up and pay attention. This is a man who takes the art of songwriting – and the art of performance – seriously. And, at the end of the set, the audience will have been transported some place and back again. Eric Taylor doesn’t just make you feel the sun and taste the dust of Texas, he takes you places and puts you inside people’s minds. From prison inmates trying to fathom the jumble of their lives to little kids watching their family implode, Eric Taylor makes it real. Aspiring – and accomplished – songwriters leave Eric Taylor shows shaking their heads in awe. And well they should. ”

Charlie Hunter - Flying Under Radar