Eric Steckel / Press

"Dismantle The Sun," is an album in the class of the crème-de-la-crème of the world's best blues rockers."

Rock Times Magazine

“You guys kick serious ass! Amazing!”

Soundmine Music Works - Dan Malsch

“You have a winner here! Fantastic!”

Nightwatchers House of Rock

"Wow! Great songs, great playing - love it!"

British Blues Broadcaster of the Year - Gary Grainger

“The album is reminiscent of the kind of quality that many artists much older than Steckel only achieve in their later years. The performance is tight, energetic, and focused. The subject matter is relevant and compelling. The pacing and storytelling constantly pique the listener’s interest.”


“Steckel's 2012 album "Dismantle The Sun" is "executed flawlessly"”

Blues Rock Review

"The hottest young guitar player we've come across"

John Mayall