Eric Scholz / Press

“I'm spoiled. I was raised on Hank Williams. Elvis changed my life and The Beatles finished me off. Not much knocks me out. I suppose that I'm jaded as well as spoiled. Eric Scholz knocks me out, pins my heart to the back of my ribcage. His music and his delivery are as fresh and honest and real as anything that I have ever run across. I'm glad to have stumbled over such a talent while he's still playing venues where I can sit upfront.”

Ronny Elliott

"Eric Scholz manages to play the part of the down and out guy without becoming to cheesy or whiny and that’s a skill not found to often in young songwriter’s these days."

“If acoustic guitar and balladeering are your thing, than I may have tripped into the gold mine. In my own back yard, and mentioned to me by a good friend, sits Eric Scholz and his latest endeavor, the Food For Sharks EP. A voice that resembles the good qualities of Jacob Dylan's voice with touches of early, post-punk Ryan Adams and a true sound of what American music in the south should sound like. This is a must listen.”