“ERICH1ENASTASIA -E.Bellucci Clothing – Minneapolis based fashion slash sexy singer is one that assumes formlessness. One thing is certain: this superman exudes nothing short of versatility and range in his game. You’ll never catch him snoozing during work hours as he’s constantly on the go, prowling on a mission to make things happen. Press play to his singles and you are exposed to the paragon of ambition and high caliber. Rarely do we come across a alphamale entrepreneur who comes armed with a laundry list of achievements, so do pay heed. 1. What is the start-up story behind your pursuit as an artist/designer? I’ve always loved music and wrote songs/thoughts/experiences over beats but started taking it more seriously as a recording artist a years ago… As far as a E.Bellucci Clothing, it originally started as merchandising for “E.BELLUCCI” and people started demanding more of it, so I decided to parlay it into a full independent clothing brand. 2. Describe your music + c”

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