Eric Heisman and the Formation / Press

“Love this concept. Favorites. She Breaks Me. Flowers In October. World Of Fireflies. Really intresting: Artistic for sure. :) Terese Mullinax, ReverbNation Artist.”

Terese Mullinax - WeverbNation Comments

“World of Fireflies! Wild images and lyric and enjoyed feel! ♥”

Aoede, Reverbnation Artist - ReverbNation

“Realy down to earth. great flow and great hooks .Your videos are cool. OUT STANDING.T.T Chronicals. ”

T.T. Chronicles, Reverbnation Artist - Reverbnation message

“I (Rogue E Rogue) love the dissonance of the sound and the seemingly disconnected lyrics which piece together like tiny cogs whirring relentlessly against the waves of vibration!”

Awful House, ReverbNation Artists - ReverbNation

“love your sounds! sounds that are all your own! nice style!...Pearl ”

Pearl Black, ReverbNation Artist - ReverbNation

“Great set of songs! Musically fascinating in its originality and capped off with clever and intelligent lyrical work. Really an enjoyable listen.”

Rick Frost, Reverbnation Artist - Reverbnation

“Your song "Halo" has some very cool guitar emotions going on...along with your vocals!!”

John Revitte Reverbnation artist - Reverbnation

“Your music is a mirror door to another dimension...knock knock!...sticks!I'm really loving it, congraz”

Roberta De Francia reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“LOVE these constraint-free compositions! Very original and great sounding :-).”

41 Miles Reverbnation artist - reverbnation

“CHEMICAL LIFE = now this is a cool song, man. You have a cool style, I enjoy this immensely. Much success, you are very interesting in your view.”

King Crab reverbnation artist - reverb nation

"I am loving "World Of Fireflies" it has such clear, crisp sounds in it and sounds very intriguing...LOVE IT!" from ReverbNation recording artist Michelle Walker

Michelle Walker - ReverbNation

"I had a so much fun hanging out on your site and the tracks are GREAT !!!!! I wish you only the best in all you do and here on Reverbnation!" from Recording artist Justin Langston Sep 05

Justin Langston - ReverbNation

“'get the organic kind'...too cool..brilliant!..cheers.. from recording artist beatmistresscait on EH and the F's "Chemistry"”

beatmistresscait - ReverbNation

“{Eric Heisman and the Formation] produces trippy alternative electronic psy with rock like elements perhaps with inspiration from 'The Who', keeping us interested. Recording artist Spesh Loopster”

Spesh Loopster - ReverNation

“Awesome music here! Love Chemistry. Great song! Keep up the great work and thanks for your compliments. from recording artist Danielle Darrow”

Darrow, Danielle - ReverbNation