Eric Hanke / Press

“A few times in my life, I have played new discs, not really expecting that much, and have discovered amazing music. This astonishing album is one of those times. Even the cover is so much more interesting than usual. Looking at the song titles, I sensed passion from the singer, with the cover giving a sense of family and history. In other words, a singer who cares. This draws the listener to the music. Things kick off with, It Aint Really Love, an upbeat soulful song, with Eric Hanke’s high tenor swooping over the melody. With some superb guitar work, this is a strong opener. The stunning title track, a very well written mid-tempo song, tells of a factory closing, and the work being done on the cheap abroad. A big problem for many workers in “first world countries”. The singer calls this a “workingman’s tune”, inspired by his grandfather. So here we have 11 superbly crafted gems, from a singer of huge talent, passion, soul and humanity. Lets throw our hats in the air for”

Paul Riley - Country Music People UK

“Whether Guy Clark or Gary P. Nunn, there’s a load of Texas troubadours that don’t have to write hits to write great stuff.  Michigan man Hanke moved to South Padre Island and fit right into the tradition and lineage. With a producer and band mate that offers him access to first class players, everyone hunkered down and made a first class record.  A 20th century folk/rocker with 21st century Americana leanings, his thoughts reflect the times but his sound and fury are right in the moment.  Solid, smoking singer/songwriter set by a cat that is raising the bar for everyone.  Check it out.”


“Eric Hanke’s Autumn Blues is a laidback journey through the mind of a talented young man. It is at times soothing, at times thought-provoking, but always musically satisfying. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and, I have to say that I hope Eric has the blues in the spring, summer, and winter, too, because I’m ready for more!”

Steve Circeo - Texas Music Times

“A very strong debut. Eric Hanke wrote all 11 songs, and they're a journeyman's effort throughout. Excellent support from top Austin players illuminating the songs beautifully. Opener "Lonely Road” deals with loneliness in a crowd. No new topic, but Eric's take feels fresh and true. In "The War" a lad deals with his brother being shipped out to Iraq just as the neighbor's boy comes home in a box. "Ride Away" is the last thoughts of one of the Wild West's last surviving outlaws. Fine clean production.”

MT - Sing Out! Magazine

“Austin Chronicle-Jim Caligiuri Eric Hanke's Autumn Blues (Ten Foot Texan) is an impressive debut that mixes country and folk in a way that confirms his status as a Native Texan. With a batch of songs almost too evocative to have come from a young songwriter's pen and dynamic production from Merel Bregante, Hanke crafts a sound that falls somewhere between Slaid Cleaves and Bruce Robison and one that's well worth checking out.”

Jim Caligiuri - Austin Chronicle