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“ Originally published Saturday, March 21, 2009 at 12:00 AM Admiral Theater "artistic buffet" features Andre Feriante, Eric Fridrich, Swil Kanim, Glenn Case The Admiral Theater in West Seattle has an entry in its Listening Room Series set for Saturday, March 21, with guitarist Andre Feriante, singer-songwriter Eric Fridrich and poet and violinist Swil Kanim. Guitarist Andre Feriante. Listening Room Series Three musicians of divergent forms — and a painter — will take the same stage starting at 9 tonight for a concert at the Admiral Theater in West Seattle, the latest installment in what the organizers have dubbed the Listening Room Series. "It's what I call my artistic buffet," said the Admiral's director of entertainment, Dinah Brein-McClellan, who got the idea for her monthly series from a similar event held in the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.”

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“Nominated: "Best New Artist"”

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