Eric Brace and Peter Cooper / Press

“Artists of the Week: Eric Brace & Peter Cooper have clearly outdone themselves with Master Sessions. Wonderful song selection and, excuse the expression, masterful interplay, between Green’s pedal steel and Auldridge’s dobro make this one my favorite CDs of the year.”


“One of the Top 5 Americana albums of 2010!”

Rich Kienzle, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Top 10 "Not Quite Country Albums" of 2010”

“Inspired...both Master Sessions and The Lloyd Green Album are outstanding collections of contemporary Americana and stand as testament to the power and veracity of independence.”

Lonesome Road Review

“Top Albums of 2010: Master Sessions is testimony to the magic that happens when you put two up and coming singer/songwriters and a small group of brilliant Nashville players and hit record....The harmonies are unforgettable, classic, and touching. The covers are perfect...The originals fit with the classics. And the side players help make this one of the irresistible surprises of the year.”

Jim Morrison in No Depression

“#2 on the List of Best Albums, 2010”

Americana Gazette

“Eric Brace, whose voice is heartbreakingly earnest and eminently listenable, is the perfect match for the wryly humorous and laid back Peter Cooper. They make a good team and “Master Sessions” has turned out to be one of the best efforts of their careers so far. For fans of Americana, this is a “must-have” recording. For me, this is one of the best CDs I’ve heard this year. This gets my highest recommendation.”

“Eric and Peter together are a force to be reckoned with. This album has a good-to-be-alive feel, a feeling you will take away on giving this wonderful piece of work time to settle in your mind and soul.”

Flyinshoes Review UK

“#6 on Best Music of 2010 list....Brace and Cooper play like they don't know how great they are! They harmonize with each other as good as a couple of siblings, but with probably a lot more respect. Nothing but the highest level of tasteful music here.”

Bill Frater, Freight Train Boogie, KRCB

“Kudos to Red Beet Records for producing two of my favorite albums of 2010.”

Ed Karn, No Depression

“Eric Brace and Peter Cooper mine the ionosphere on their new Master Sessions CD, as they summon authentic 70s sounds in the very best way. They honor the tradition - true to the flavors, the textures and the composition, augmented with glorious pedal steel provided by instrumental hero Lloyd Green, and with instrumental hero Mike Auldridge on magical dobro.”

Jessie Scott, Music Fog

“Beauty is beauty...and it's so flawlessly executed.”

Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

“Compelling portraits, both literate and witty...”

Rich Kienzle, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Between the talent and knowledge that Brace and Cooper have, and the wisdom and brilliance of Green and Auldridge, Master Sessions is quite a collection.”

Martin Anderson, WNCW

“I love the ethos, authenticity and rebel spirit of Red Beet. I truly believe Eric Brace and Peter Cooper are keeping song-sensitivity alive.”

Bob Harris, BBC Radio

“A feast of songwriting...”

The Annapolis Capital

“Eric Brace and Peter Cooper bring the sound of East Nashville to my radio shows. Authentic, intelligent, and beautifully played....”

Bob Harris - BBC Radio 2

"A portrait of friendship and song".... The music resides in the space between folk and country. It's tight and catchy without being slick or overly commercial; perhaps the term "back-porch country" best describes the mood....

Vintage Guitar

“Brace and Cooper's smart, soulful vocals sound great together, and the friendly vibe of their performances is truly engaging....this is a true-hearted pleasure of an album. ”

No Depression

“The personality of this album: warm, unassuming, funny, relaxed—exactly what it should be without having any ego about it.”


“You Don't Have to Like Them Both serves notice that, sometimes, pure happenstance can lead to something beautiful. We should cross our fingers and hope that it would happen more often. ”

Honest Tune

“Journalists who moonlight as musicians (or vice versa) are always worthy of some skepticism (take it from one who knows) but this collaboration is the best of both worlds. ”

Charleston Gazette

“Wonderful, heartfelt songs...a treat for the ears and the soul.”

Audiophile Audition

“Eric Brace and Peter Cooper each have distinctive musical voices that meld together delightfully throughout. ”

Country Standard Time

“it’s a disc that is hard to not like....The duo’s voices compliment each other, blending perfectly”

Hickory Wind

“Recalling great duos from the Delmores to the Everlys to the O'Kanes.”

California Chronicle