Erica Anthony / Press

““This young artist has no gimmick, no shtick, no theme... Just a super talented, multi-instrumentalist with a beautiful voice,” says [Phillip] Luna about Anthony, who plays the guitar, upright bass, and accordion among other instruments.”

"Your sound is so laid back and natural that a comparison is unlikely. Thought about this long and hard."

Rodrigo Benavides - Freelance

“The Featured Band on the Music and Band App this week is Erica Anthony...She has graciously allowed her song "Waiting On" to be made available via the Music and Band App. On having a listen to "Waiting On", I hear a lot of energy behind her acoustic performance. With just a guitar and some nice ambient reverb behind her vocals, the recording really has a nice live feel. I hear a little Macy Gray in her voice. The lyrics of "Waiting On" are personal, dealing with selfishness and how to start thinking about other people in life. Words to live by. Erica Anthony's music and lyrics are very enticing, and I invite you to give her a listen... If you don't have the Music and Band App, you can download it with any Android Phone by opening the Android Market and doing a search for "Music and Band App". Look for the developer name Paul72 to make sure you have the right one.”

“You need a live wire to shake things up, to turn convention on its head, and possibly to change the world for the better...”