Equals / Press

“They don’t simply rely on the soundscapes they create; they use it to bring you into a different world. Their world. One where every last second is precious and every last detail much be exact. [...] A definite contender for this years best post-rock album.”

“The young math-rock quintet works in angles, crafting clean instrumental suites with asymmetrical time signatures that in the processed vox and computer-generated beats of "Salvo" land in Battles territory. The five compositions boast surprising clarity and confidence, maintaining an emotional breadth amid prog-rock complexities ("Electric Blanket").”

“If anything, this EP gives the listener only a mere glimpse of what these guys are capable of. Equals clocks in at right around twenty minutes, but nearly as soon as the album concluded I was just really figuring their music out.”

“Some longer, some short and sweet, the songs on Equals are each an exercise in top-notch ambient virtuoso and indulgence.”