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“Emmanuel Hudson (on the right), entertainer and one half of The Hudson Brothers, has been cast alongside silver screen legends Ice Cube and Kevin Hart! The film is called Ride Along, and Emmanuel will be playing a supermarket clerk who runs into Kevin Hart! The film is about a tough cop's[Ice Cube] soon to be brother-in-law [Hart] goes on a ride-along with him (to get to know him better), and gets embroiled in the cop's dangerous undercover efforts to take down a drug kingpin! Expect to see the film in 2014!”

“Remember Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson? You know, the two youtube sensations that made that song “She Ratchet” the song that put ghetto rats on full blast as far as doing waaaaaay too much? Well turns out these guys are film makers and comedians as well. Here we have a short film they completed titled “Lunchtime Warfare” taking us back to the days of the popular kids and free lunch. I really think this is well done and funny as all hell! Check it out and follow them if you like it. It’s good to see these guys are youtubers with more than just 1 talent. KEEP IT UP!!! Read this, love this, spread this.”

“Hey bloggers! The Hudson Brothers will be dropping a new comedy album featuring their hits “Ratchet Girl Anthem” and “Church Folks” in November! Having already accrued over 200 million hits this year, as well as selling over 60,000 copies of their hit song, they now make the move to show the world that The Hudson Brothers are true entertainers! Remember to watch “Church Folks” via their YouTube channel!”

“What arguably started as a Southern rap dance at the turn of the century and then expanded to describe a relatively positive expression of energy has now become a worthy rival to the word "ghetto." It is most typically used to describe outrageously uncivilized behaviors and music -- often with women as the butt of the joke. (See Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson's "Ratchet Girl Anthem," which has snagged 30 million-plus views on YouTube since January.)”

“Brothers Phillip and Emmanuel Hudson are famous for donning wigs, dresses and makeup to imitate “ratchet” women, but how do they really feel about the ladies? Watch. “We’re men. We love females, and of course we’re going to pay attention to them,” Emmanuel told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. Although fans have questioned the brothers’ sexuality, Emmanuel said that’s just validation that they’re doing a great job of portraying their characters. “If they calling us gay, all that means is the part is superb,” said Emmanuel. Phillip and Emmanuel tell how it all started for them in the September 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.”

“Emmanuel Hudson, Demetria McKinney (Tyler Perry’s House of Payne) and Phillip Hudson #Rachet Brothers I ran into internet sensations Phillip and Emmanuel Hudson today at the V103 and WAOK Car and Bike show. (Did I tell you we went to school together back in the day?) Well Phillip and Emmanuel decided to flip the script and call out the Rachet Guys instead of breaking it down and serving it to the Rachet women all the time. I promised them I would deliver and support this Father’s Day PSA “If you are man enough to make these children, then be man enough to take care of them. Stop being tryfling!” from Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson.”

“YES! they did it again but this time it has gone more than viral it is now an actual music video and I love it. The famous and most viewed and talked about You Tube video since (coochiness). Im talking about the Hudson bros Ratchet Girl Anthem video, with over 1,729,529 views these two brothers are probably going to be the next thing to hit the charts like Justin Beiber, but I can see these guys with their own comedy show and I can see it getting a lot of ratings, and if they did i would be tuned in every night. From the popular Ratchet Girl Anthem to Asking all them questions these guys find every way possible to satisfy their viewers comical appetite and I really do believe this is not it for them they did a really good job in that video it wasn't low budget it was hilarious they gave so much personality to it I enjoyed it.”

“These brothers were making a name for themselves but the ratchet girl anthem skyrocketed their views and subscribers. The anthem against all things ratchet became an online phenomenon. The song got name dropped on OhnoTheydidnt and is now being sold on iTunes. Being ratchet has its advantages.”

“Phillip and Emmanuel Hudson first took to YouTube with their random comical song, "Questions." They've taken it one step farther with the "Ratchet Girl Anthem" and they're bringing their brand of humor and comedy to 106 & Park tonight!”

“The internet is being overrun by viral videos. As if the Youtube video wasn’t funny enough, Emmanuel Hudson and his brother Phillip shot a legit video for their internet sensation “Ratchet Girl Anthem.” In the initial clip featured the brothers doing the faces and hand gestures of ratchet females everywhere, but still dressed as men. For the official visual, they dress as the people they are making fun of. Check out this version of the “Ratchet Girl Anthem” video.”

“The talented and hilarious Hudson brothers mix Worldstar, cigarillos and VH1 television to create their official “Ratchet Girl Anthem” video. The Youtube duo who posted the song online in January (with now over 25 million views) have also posted the track on iTunes. This gives me bits of the life I had hoped I would receive from a Sheneneh & Wanda movie. I’m sure your cousins are somewhere in the footage. Fish them out below.”


“Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson released the music video for their YouTube hit, “Ratchet Girl Anthem.” The brothers originally released the song in 2011. The song parodies the behavior of stereotypical and hypocritical black women.”

“These guys are something else. First they throw the voices up and the antics, but now they dressed in the garb and everything else.”

“Brothers Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson release a hilarious video to their YouTube hit 'Ratchet Girl Anthem.' ”

“Overnight YouTube sensations Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson released an official music video for their "Ratchet Girl Anthem (She Ratchet)" yesterday via their personal website. The rapper-comedians garnered fame after their YouTube video sketch of the same name went viral this past January. The "Ratchet Girl Anthem" now has over 75 million views. Peep the ratchetness in all its glory.”

“YouTube sensations Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson prepare to drop the official “Ratchet Girl Anthem” video. Find out when and where you can see the new video. Read more: [VIDEO] Emmanuel And Phillip Hudson Prepare To Drop The Official “Ratchet Girl Anthem” Video”

“Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson take a satirical jab at women with phony, mean, or petty behavior. The duo commonly makes social commentary by singing original lyrics to famous beats. The “Ratchet Girl Anthem” is their most successful video on YouTube.”

“Perhaps one of the first comedy acts to gain world wide exposure and support through the Internet, the Hudsons have become famous for their over the top music videos featuring popular tracks like “Why You Asking All Them Questions?” and the ever popular “She Ratcheeettt!””

“The brothers Hudson are back with a hilarious new video called “Questions Pt.2,” which is a follow up to the video Emmanuel did with Spoken Reasons not too long ago. Emmanuel is back with his extremely hilarious faces, as he imitates females who ask entirely too many questions. Something most guys could relate too. Phillip holds it down as well, showing the viewers he’s just as funny as his brother. This song and video doesn’t top “Ratchet Girl” in my opinion, but it’s just as good. Check out and judge for yourself.”

“And y’all thought KP & Envy came hard with the hood classics. After snatching 8.7 million YouTube views it was only a matter of time before Emmanuel Hudson and his brother Phillip came back with another chapter from their own version of Steve Harvey’s ‘Think Like A Man.’”

“The damn faces that Emmanuel Hudson makes just give me damn life. Why? Because I swear his overly animated faces mimic exactly the kind of faces that loudmouth hoodrat heffas have made whilst cussing azz cussing me out. Not that I didn’t deserve the cussings. But still. This ish was hilarious to me.”

“Memphis, TN - Their video has gone viral, which is why they were featured Tuesday morning on the Hot On The Web segment. Mississippi-born brothers Emanuel and Phillip are huge hits on YouTube. One of their videos, the Ratchet Girls Anthem, already has more than 11 million views in just one month. The duo says they never expected the all of the attention, but they’re glad to be in the spotlight making people laugh. Last week, the brothers stopped by FOX13 to explain what exactly a ratchet girl is. They also made a stop at Memphis Business Academy to entertain students. Their older brother works at the school. All of their videos are posted on YouTube. They even have their own channel.”

“Ryan Cameron announced today that the local viral sensations behind “Ratchet Girl Anthem” – Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson – will be performing at his annual Ol Skool New Skool Step Show this weekend…”

“Brothers Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson are well on their way to becoming the next internet sensation. The two brothers created a new song called “Ratchet Girl Anthem,” that’s taking the world by storm. In the video, the boys imitate Ratchet females and the way they talk and act while with their friends. A ratchet chick is basically a ghetto girl who doesn’t know how to act, but thinks she is God’s gift to mankind. We all know at least one.”