Eowyn Music / Press

“If the Cranberries & Nine Inch Nails had a child & named her after a Lord of the Rings character, you’d have Eowyn, an independent Nashville-based singer whose 5th album, Beautiful Ashes, uses the mechanical sounds of her industrial rock to enhance her deeply personal message. Lyrically, Beautiful Ashes is refreshingly real. Eowyn avoids the biggest trap of modern songwriting in Christian contemporary music by mostly steering clear of addressing God & Jesus so generically that the song could be applied to any other relationship (the “Jesus is my girlfriend” phenomenon). She does this by writing about real struggles, real faith & real hope. To do so is uncommon, it takes a courage rarely seen in popular music. Beautiful Ashes is a triumph for Eowyn, not only b/c she succeeded in releasing it after giving up on her career, but because it successfully melds the two conflicting worlds its title implies: the beauty & honest emotion of its singer with the grittiness & raw power of her”