EOS / Press

“EOS Benefit takes over The Stone Pony-November 12, 2011! The show will feature some of New Jersey’s best acts and organizations all pulling for our men and women serving overseas. EOS will headline the Show. The Toms River based ten- piece band rivals Tower Of Power when it comes to stage elbowroom. Featuring five lead singers (wow) EOS explores everything from their own deep, dark, extraterrestrial originals to a few obscure and random cover songs that will leave you singing aloud and deep in the party. This group has been quietly assisting these military organizations for quite a while, raising tons of cash and handing over every dime to our men and women overseas. All proceeds from ticket sales, downloads of EOS songs and raffles will be donated. EOS has teamed up with Adopt a Soldier Platoon to put on this rock and roll event. ”

John Pfieffer - The Aquarian

“EOS And Toms River Music Donate Guitars For The Troops! Recreation is hard earned and many of our troops need things to occupy downtime. That’s why some of the base leaders have been asking for guitars for soldiers so they can learn to learn to play when they aren’t out on patrol. One base Colonel said, “These kids have nothing to do. There is one recreation center with around four Xboxes, some pool tables and ping-pong table. That’s not really much for so many people.” Joe Birardi of the band EOS in conjunction with John Diehl of Toms River Music in Toms River have graciously joined in an effort to procure several guitars and amps for our men and women overseas. They have purchased these instruments with their own money and are asking anyone that might want to help to donate any amount towards this great cause. It’s a small thing to do considering all that these people have selflessly done for us. To donate to this project go to www.adoptasoldierplatoon.org.”

John Pfieffer - The Aquarian

“Featuring a whopping nine-piece band, its three sizzling female singers put this group way over the top in the best of ways. The band features Birardi, (Dirty Rats, Trench, Heat, Blondsense) as well as Rhythm guitarist Bill Tuohy (Heat, Blondsense,) bassist Wendy Williamson (The Horton’s, Superband) and third guitarist, Kevin Losardo. Add drummer Brian Picardi and percussionist Gerry McKittrick, and you have a full stage of rock and roll veterans that put on an unstoppable show. Birardi’s “big” idea stemmed from watching the same old delivery in club after club where the music was governed by the stereotypical four-piece format. The EOS front line is impressive indeed. Made up of Theresa Wilson, Dawn Szollar, and Danielle Zelenak, the three dynamic beauties spin pristine rock and roll harmony while the band churns and it’s never a dull moment. ”