“Evolver, available here as a free download. It’s a modern, punchy twist on 90′s era alt-rock, with veins of garage and punk coursing through.”

“Before there was grunge, punk was much dirtier, and Engloria are trying to revive some of that magic while making a name for themselves in the process. I wouldn’t stand in their way since they might bowl you over, so be warned that these guys take no prisoners.”

“The grunge/punk rockers of Engloria give us an in-your-face take on rock, with a 90’sish twist to it, in their upcoming album Evolver. The full-length album features brothers James and Brandon Stewart, James on vocals/guitar and Brandon on vocals/drums, along with Michael Gleason on bass. The particularly unique and harmonious voices of the brothers are a defining signature of Engloria. Evolver is purposefully explicit, angry and aggressive- a characteristic most evident in their songs “F*** You” and “F*** You II”… Despite the antagonistic mood that shapes the album, I found most of the tracks pretty catchy, especially “White Noise”. The singsong chords of the guitar grab you from the get-go and gently coax you in. You can’t help but to sway to some of the songs like “White Noise”, and head bang to “Animal”. Evolver is dynamic; it grabs your attention-and it keeps it from start to finish.”

“With a sound that evokes both the spirit of the ’90s alt-rock era and the raw, garage rock sound mid ’60s, Engloria’s first full-length album should garner national attention”

“Most of these songs are crude, fast and loud, so if you are looking for any kind of solace then you can stop reading right here, because you won’t find it on this album.”

“Engloria are out to prove that 90’s alternative is still going strong and is never going to die as they have put together one wicked album titled Evolver.”

“You can tell they’ve cut their teeth playing live and putting out the self-release material, and all of those pieces are on this debut. The band sounds comfortable in their skin serving up thick fuzzy bass riffs over biting lyrics; you’d think they took a cue from The Dead Boys. I don’t see them as a “grunge revival” act, as their sound stems from a few decades earlier, when punk was loud for the sake of being loud and messy because no one cared to clean it up.”

“A fusion of 90’s style alternative( the good stuff), a splash of new wave, radio friendly rock anthems and an a slight Beatles influence.”

“Upon first listen to the album, Evolver, part of me was thinking that The Vines were back and making records — that sloppy 2000’s punk with extra snot added for good measure. However, I noticed that the bass lines were pretty crunchy and reminded me more of Dirt-era Alice in Chains. Of course when you add in the vocals, it brings another level to the mix, since they have a psychedelic pop twist which might throw you for a loop. If the band Silverchair just made stripped down punk tunes instead of art rock, then you’d have Engloria.”

“Evolver is like a culmination of all those defining moments in Rock History. I honestly don’t know how they pulled it off but they did in a big way. There is quite a bit of epicness on this record. The chorus’ are incredibly catchy and even the verses sound like chorus’ for much of the playlist.”

“The riotous new single “Animal” has just been released by alt-rock mainstays Engloria as a free MP3 for fans. The thumping bassline hooks listeners in immediately, evoking the crunch of the early 90s, while the dual vocals from brothers James and Brandon Stewart completely gnarl on the track. The head banging single is a highlight off the band’s forthcoming album Evolver, available now on iTunes. Thrash along!”

“Rockers Engloria will kick your ASS!”


“Northeastern newcomers Engloria are keeping 90s era alt-rock alive and well. Their debut single “Animal” carries the grungy riffs and power of any heavy weights of that time. Dual vocals from brothers James and Brandon Stewart add an extra punch to the mix. All in all, this is a very well put together “kick ya in the teeth” single that warrants notice.”

“Get hyper! We're bringing you the exclusive world premiere of the brand new music video for the song "Gonna Be Late" from leather-clad punk rockers Engloria. Complete With a thumping bassline and buzzy crunch of thrashing guitars, the video mirrors the riotous attitude ever apparent in the band's live show. Check out Engloria's latest album Evolver and get rocking!”

“Engloria was the band that really showed me something competitive that could go with mainstream music. This band has the sound that could really take off and be something in the alternative rock lane. Engloria had a great vocalist, with a good presence on stage. Their sound and vibe had the crowd into it.”

Columbia Records

“Engloria revamps the ’90s alternative we used to love while carving their own names on the bathroom wall of today’s modern rock world.”

“We’re diggin’ the album SHINE and “Shine,” “High Tonight,” “Where You Are,” “Found A Girl,” “Feel Alright,” and “Hotel Song” are favorites around WBSD”

89.1 WBSD FM

“Some very solid power-poppy/rock tunes from these guys. Reminiscent of Oasis and possibly Danny Wilde?. Singer reminds me of Glen Burtnick. Check them out.”

“A+ music !”

Universal Music Group

“High Tonight is an incredibly high energy track, and it shows that each member of Engloria throws their heart and soul into the track. The guitar, drums, bass, and vocals unite to make a stellar track. The titular track adds a little bit of psychedelic folk and pop into the mix, recalling the halcyon days of Oasis and Blur. Engloria is talented enough to update this Britpop-styled sound; there is a warmth to the recording that sets this track (and the rest of the titular album) firmly in the current period. I believe that Shine succeeds as a track because each element possesses a strong role; this is a trend that continues through during efforts like Where You Are and What Do You Say.”

“I saw ENGLORIA on Friday night in NYC. They were one of the lined up bands for the evening. Unassuming and honest I saw 4 bandmates standing besides each other making beautiful guitar driven rockmusic music with an alternative edge that reminded of the early U2, a young Bono with a haunting wailing voice of Keane. I instantly fell in love with this band bought the EP and downloaded their new 3 piece Sundown EP. The songs "Lights" and "Drive" are undoubtedly the bands highlights where they showcase their absolute top songwriting qualities. These songs are like a marathon athlet. Not "one gram of fat" -- Everything is perfect. This band, with a bit of luck, might conquer the world like Coldplay. They have everything going for them, most importantly their friendships. Keep it going!!!”

““Drive,” an up-tempo rocker about relationships that offers up a really catchy sound that I could easily see becoming a hit radio single.”

“New York based rock band Engloria´s new album “Shine” is available at: http://engloria.bandcamp.com/ Highly recommendable!”

“Albany, New York-based alternative rockers, Engloria, give listeners reasons to join the ride in the three track 'Drive.'”

“Lots of energy, good vocals... Just a taste of a fresh sound for this decade!”

“Little Darling” is really upbeat and has that sweet guitar tone running through its backbone. This song, like the title track, has a bit of mid 90s rock sound mixed with amps that give it more of a less-polished feel. It’s a great sound.”

“Drawing their influences from some great indie American outfits of the nineties, Gigolo Aunts, Buffalo Tom and the Gin Blossoms spring to mind, Drive is an EP which does what it says on the tin. Put it on in your car and hit the motorway.”

"Representing pop-rock at its most infectiously upbeat and vibrant, the eleven songs on this debut full-length album sparkle with a happy go-for-it verve that’s a true delight to hear. The radiant vocals soar to the heavens over a lively sonic onslaught of rousing ringing guitars, dynamic drums, and sturdy basslines. Best of all, the incessant stirring cheerfulness of such bouncy songs as “High Tonight,” “Where You Are,” and the specially exciting and energetic “Found a Girl” are sure to put a smile on even the sourest grump’s face. Moreover, there’s a positive optimistic streak evident throughout that’s both touching and uplifting in equal measure. A total treat.”

“Albany, NY based Engloria is on a distinct path for greatness within the national music scene.”

“If you take the vocal delivery of Oasis and the jangle guitar of The Connells, you have two of the driving facets behind New York’s Engloria. Following up on last years EP, their debut full-length, Shine is an 11-track collection of guitar driven tunes with nuances of standard Rock, Brit-style Pop and occasional Alt-Country leanings.”

“Overall Shine is a very consistent and entertaining catalogue of music. It’s strong suit – the amazing amount of melodic rocked out energy and passion you get from James Stewart and company. The songwriting is world class and the messages are passionate and powerful. Indeed one would be wise to keep a watchful eye on these lads during the years to come.”

“Are you looking for some guitar driven rock music with a few twist and turns along the way? Then the band Engloria will make you a very happy person.”

““The debut full-length from this New York band will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Brit Pop, especially Oasis as frontman/chief songwriter James Stewart bears a vocal resemblance to Liam Gallagher. This is readily apparent on the title track which commences the proceedings, which wouldn’t have been out of place on What’s the Story, Morning Glory?. “High Tonight” is another strong rocker, and the midtempo “Where You Are” has a bit of “Roll With It” to it. Meanwhile, “I’ve Been Down” has a lighter, jangly pop feel and “Melrose” manages to combine Brit Pop with a heartland rock sound. The most impressive thing about this album is that they keep the hooks coming, and there really isn’t a clunker to be found.””

“Shine, indeed. The ringing, shimmery guitars on this album evoke a very summery picture. Engloria occasionally moves into more straightforward rock territory, but most of this album is spent basking. Not a bad idea at all.”

“New York based rock band Engloria have just debuted their edgy and infectious high energy on full length album “Shine”, with songs that moves from uptempo rockers to intimate piano led moments, from brit-pop influenced tracks to alt-country numbers. The band already made it onto the Top Seller List on CD Baby, secured promotional opportunities via Red Bull Soundstage and other companies and were featured alongside The Killers in the “Rock Artist Spotlight” on Music Emissions. Engloria opened for bands like Young The Giant, Graffiti6 and Tokyo Police Club, showcased for major labels and played multiple NYC clubs. Preview “Shine” heading to their bandcamp site now.”

“Engloria – Shine : This CD has the energy, the production, the writing…it’s definitely one of the best Adult Alternative Pop/Rock offerings in the genre. Ever listen to a song and suddenly hear them go to an unexpected and very tasty musical place? Yeah….it’s like that. Lo-Fi Luxury.”

“Albany, NY based Engloria is on a distinct path for greatness within the national music scene. Judging by the response to their current studio release, the Drive EP, the industry brass are poised for a major label bidding war.”

“Right from the start this upbeat modern day version of Gin Blossoms delivering catchy melodies, creative lyrical content, hooky guitar ambiance and a grand slam chorus.”

“Ever shook a snow globe? The burst of flakes, the smothering snow gulps up the little figurine. Now, just imagine as a listener a plume of atmospheric sounds surrounding one's experience. The vocals are clear and capable, but it is the guitar riffs and orchestration that swirl mightily. Music fans tugged by concise songs and lingering rhythms will certainly embrace rockers, Engloria.”

“All in all, it's pretty impressive stuff. The world always needs some radio-ready indy stuff from folks who can actually write a good tune, and Engloria neatly fit that bill.”