“Enemy Planes formed out of the ashes of the acclaimed Minneapolis indie rock quartet, Pictures Of Then, and are set to release their debut album, Beta Lowdown, sometime in early 2013. The first taste from the new record is a dynamic one, as the hypnotic pulse of "We Want Blood" is a promising teaser of what is to come from the band. The video, directed by the distinguished Tobias Strech (Radiohead, Efterklang, Post War Years) is a striking, somber glimpse of the devastating destruction levied by hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. The clip was shot in Coney Island in the direct aftermath of the storm, and it provides haunting visuals that serve to enhance the desperation of the highly evocative song itself.”

“If you haven’t yet gotten the memo, Pictures of Then — an underrated local band, despite their commercial success — has added a member and rebranded into Enemy Planes. Though their pop-rocking MTV appeal — which led to songs featured on “16 and Pregnant” and “The Hills” — has been swapped for moodier, Yorke-ian soundscapes, there’s new depth and it builds anticipation for their forthcoming debut, “Beta Lowdown.” Tonight, Enemy Planes will unveil its brag-worthy video for single “We Want Blood.” Directed by Tobias Stretch (Radiohead, Efterklang), the video was shot on Coney Island in the eerie aftermath of Sandy.”

“Their influence is clear: the production resembles Radiohead with a little bit of a darker twist. Sure, throwing Radiohead comparisons around is always risky, but I wouldn’t knock ‘em for it. With the sampler, the fourth cut is particularly impressive and soars through a brilliant guitar riff. The fifth clip showcases the vocals of this project, at once melodic and hoarse.”

“In this day and age, discovering an amazing new band is kind of like spotting a unicorn. At first you can't believe it's real. Then, you have to keep following it to find out a. why it's here and b. where it's going. This, my dear readers, is exactly how I felt when I saw up-and-coming Minnesota band, Enemy Planes open for the Meat Puppets last Saturday. The experience? An understated performance filled with haunting lyrics, evocative vocals, and hypnotic melodies. Each song within their set was as captivating as it was well crafted—equal parts technically substantive and innovative. Even more poignantly, every single song performed was actually good, which is a true rarity—especially for a band that first debuted a little over a year ago. Their pared down, no frills approach to performing was extremely refreshing in an era characterized by excesses of "performance art" and overproduced DJ sets. Enemy Plane's musical prowess alone is more than enough to hold the attention...”

"Wanna know what the next big Minneapolis band is? Ten bucks it's Enemy Planes, a moody little band that sounds like the best Brit-obsessed psych band from 1985 crossed with skittering modern indie with a touch of lo-fi electronics stirred in. Their forthcoming album, Beta Lowdown, is filled with mysterious little songs with a dark heart, and is as good as anything "local" you've heard in the last couple years, though don't expect 'em to stay contained by our fair cities for long. Dunno much about them other than that they feature Shön Troth (formerly of Solid Gold) and members of Pictures of Then — and that anonymity is the way they seem to like it, at least so far, despite a star-making turn at SXSW last year. "