enemo-j / Press

“blistering stuff”

johnny doom - kerrang radio

“a promising debut which raises aggressive music to a new plain for fans of sepultura and exceedingly heavy heavy metal sound mesmerizing stuff”

alexander milas - kerrang magazine

“you cant argue with the kind of riff that opens up this impeccably-produced album....well you can if you want a black eye for your troubles.Yes its that nasty and detuned and keeps coming at you like a tiger shark on a feeding frenzy. The vocals are just as brutal, and the rythm section is locked and loaded.....enemo j seem like an interesting proposition'”

unkown - zero tolerence

“the bludgeoning rhythm section and ferocious vocal onslaught combine to create this creditable edgy metal affair'”

unkown - metal hammer

“'...they're ferocious and their storming debut is a powderkeg of explosive riffs and headcaving blastbeats. from the rythm infectiousness of 'Genetic hatred' to the unmitigated fury of 'Last children of history' enemo j simply ooze the kind of inventiveness and vitality that promises this heavy debut won't be there last'”

unkown - terrorizer magazine