End of an Era / Press

“What does End of an Era sound like? Like AFI's "The Missing Frame" was riding an electronica train that collided with a Flock of Seagull's "Wishing" while en route to a Nine Inch Nails concert. End of an Era is everything you could want in an original band: talent, brains, balls and heart.”

“What do you call a band that makes you stress over every word you try to write about it, because no adjective or noun adequately expresses how its music stirs you? A pretty frigging good one, that's what. Rarely does an act come along that makes you think you should shuck any attempt at impartiality - but when it does, what's the sense in holding back the praise? Enter End of an Era, the self-released album by the Toms River, N.J., band of the same name. The quintet wins this flattery for three reasons: It's brilliant, it's consistently brilliant, and it replicates said brilliant when it performs live.”

“When asked what End of an Era’s sound is like, they refer to their influences, taking that into consideration, we say it’s more like Nine Inch Nails, the Sex Pistols, and Muse ganged up and punched pop culture in the face... repeatedly.”

“They may be End of an Era, but this is the beginning of a legacy!”

Ocean County Reporter