Endless Night / Press

“every track is just pure musical motivation, just an extraordinary collection. fantastic.”

Ainigmas Music

“Wow...Nice job...Enjoying that clean gt sound and performance..Nice nice tone on that lead work...Great choice of melody too..Man this was sweet..Thank you!”


“Outstanding! Full of emotion. Really nice work.”

Jimmy Vachon

“Wow do I love your stuff, so unique and imaginative”

Bill Wren

“Amazing feeling in this music, very creative and moving... I am very impressed!”

Jim Brummond

“That´s what I call an expressive guitar tone. Beautiful..”


“Really unique and very expansive production work. Great stuff!”

David Meirovich

“I am in looove with your song Spaced. Great Work!”

Red Emery

“Totally relaxing piece of playing..... a warm surrounding sound from the guitar, a lovely melody takes you by the hand...because the guitar tells the story so well.”


“Your music is wicked my friend.AWESOME this is how to create magic with sound”

The Silence

“Extremely well thought out and executed music.”

the Er brothers

“I keep waiting for something to jump out of my monitor to kill me hahahah wicked shit dude!”

The Key of H

“an interesting and complex composition. It´s a long but never boring piece. You´re showing your talent as a composer, producer , guitar player and instrumentalist. I like the wide range of styles you´re capable of playing. From a clean,smooth guitar tone to high - distortion-shredding-sounds. Congrats”


“a big fat WOW...nothing but talent oozing out my speakers...”

Twisted Folk

“A really unique mix of sounds & textures here -lots of movement, groove & colour”

Oona McOuat

“After 30 seconds of "Sleep", i was a fan, Love ambient journeys, You works are truly thought provoking. Ill be back”

Paul Kemal - Bass Boy Wonder

“something new and fresh - I like that!”

Paul Mcilwaine

“Wow! You've got me crossing over to another planet entirely. Totally transportive stuff! Very cool.”

Trevor Grigg and the Infamous Few

“one of my secret fav's...the music makes me feel like electric pulses are tickling my body...”

Amanda Butterfly

“This music kicks some ass! It reminds me of Pink Floyd only a bit heavier. All I can say is awesome!”

Abby Hediger

“took me from standing still to warp drive on the astral plane space ship thru the milky way. Hot Sh!t.”

3rd Eye Liquid

“Reminds me of a cross between something Quentin Tarantino would write and a macabre mescaline induced "Pink Floydian" dream state.”

Dave Live

“Oh my - to be quite honest here - I did not think the guitar would work in "spaced" when it kicked in. I have been humbly proven wrong, ten-fold, on that assumption. Excellent work - very eerie - very chill inducing.”


“I really dig the effects and sounds. Wonderful musicianship! I am gonna have to come back for more I will tell about it to my friends”

Armand Melnbardis

“beautifully crafted, elegant, under-stated, non-pompous,...i like it... shine on”

Never Day Sigh

“ Love it! Your sound is like Vidna Obmana meets Hostel. Totally creepy! ”

Icl Elctro

“I love that guitar, very D.Gilmour-esque.”

The Worms

“The tone, the rhythm, the groove, the use of aural space, the phrasing, all of it is awesome!”

Jonny Wilson

“good variety of styles, great delivery, and excellent recordings. i am truly impressed.”

Richard Casey Callahan

“Loved every song. Beautifully consuming.....”

My Scarlet Red

“impressively conveys the ethereal continuity of its namesake in mystical works like Sleep and The Spook...but other cool facets of their talent are revealed in Dead Man, The Fool's Journey, and especially Floating--an unexpectedly fun romp!”

Aztrology Witch

“really nice tasteful guitar playing”

The Beautiful Ones

“You dudes weird me out a little bit, Ive checked the locks, the dawn will come.”


“whatever planet you're on, time to come home for a while. we kinda miss you here on earth.”