Endless Chaos / Press

“Loving the new album...The band is awesome. Will be sure to come rock with you!”

Jessica Doane - FAN

“The new album freaking rocks! I love it! Congrats to the members of the band on the release!”

Megan Schwartz - FAN

“Pseudo Love - Good pop rock track with a killer riff, a brilliant hook and just enough power. Yep that would do me just fine! I like to put it away for our compilations. A great double slice of pop rock! Frenchy G”

“Endless Chaos are a Cinci area band with a great rhythm section, great riffs and a mesmerizing female lead vocalist. Their 4 song CD Reminded me of early 90s grunge and acoustic Neil Young meshed together. A breath of fresh air in these times of non music and bullshit sentiments.”