Endif / Press

“”Carbon” is once again the expected masterpiece..”

“On the one hand I’m wondering how he’s going to top this album and on the other hand I can’t friggin’ wait to hear him try!”

“The freshmen full-length release from EndIf titled Meta introduced the noise scene to a programming master and sonic sculpting shifu. Jason Hollis easily “one-ups” the rest by simply doing his thing.”


“With the cold precision of a power-driven musical surgeon, Endif brings you the highly polished yet manically aggressive Meta.”

“it’s good storm music, most definitely.”

“Carbon is another great album of hard electronics from the increasingly noteworthy, and still relatively new, Tympanik Audio label.”

“..a multiple-polymer noise assault on modern musical expectations.”

“Good album and not just merely 4/4 powernoise club-music.”

“Think of a distorted beat artist that can actually have a wider appeal and Endif now slots into that territory with ease.”

“The mix of this electronic element with harsher beats and industrial elements result in a real great production.”

“Eclectic and cybernetic, Carbon is a clever mix of powernoise, dark ambient, breakbeats, and whimsy.”

“If he were four or five albums into his discography I'd probably be inclined toward calling this a career "masterwork"...”