Enders Game / Press

“Enders Game rip out old fashioned, fist-pumping, epic heavy metal with speed, prog and thrash influxes. Hyper-dizzying guitar solos? Check. Machine gun drumming? Check. Soaring, larynx-shredding vocals? Check. Spooky, deathly album cover art? Check. Pseudo-classical interlude? Check. I could go on, but yeah, son, all the essential elements are here, and they know exactly what to do with them. This is some seriously good shit – intense, intricate and accessible all at once. What We've Lost is the Atlanta trio's latest and greatest, as solid as any national metal release in recent memory. They're at Masquerade next Tuesday, April 26th. Put down the bong and check it out, loser.”

“Enders Game sounds more vital and forward-thinking than many of the bands they’re influenced by… for as much as they borrow from various styles of metal and hardcore, they come out with something wholly unique and extraordinary.”

Mike Misiak - Southeast Performer Magazine