“This is my first post about the great Band, Encrypted Nomad. Will get more about this soon. Check out the instrumental rock song from the band Encrypted Nomad featuring a guest guitar solo from Italian shredder Lorenzo Venza and the hits Java Jamm.”

“Encrypted Nomad, never lost appreciation for the guitar solo and will distribute a heavy dose of it on teir forthcoming instrumental CD, which has yet to be named. Hamel respects groups like Avenged Sevenfold for helping return the guitar solo to modern rock and groups like Collective Soul for never letting go of it. "I think it's cool that people are beginning to appreciate the guitar solo agian. Because for years they didn't", Hamel says. Encrypted Nomad have a wealth of talent in playing, songwriting, recording and technical know-how”

“One of the most unique bands to ever come out of the Gulf Coast area is Encrypted Nomad they are strictly instrumental rock. There are no vocals in their music whatsoever. There is not really a genre to put them in except for what they term instrumental rock. The fact that they can express their feelings strictly through the music puts them in a class all by themselves. They take the melody and guitar riffs of all genres and turn them into some of the most entertaining and captivating music.”

“Encrypted Nomad after years of work, are recording their first album together. Taking the direction into guitar rock instrumentals, they blend multiple genres with strong song writing abilities. Though the songs have no vocals, their melodic guitar riffs and true song oriented approach have attracted listeners of all styles of music. They write, arrange, and record all their own music including all drums and bass guitars. They do it all themselves. Hear them shine on their upcoming album.”