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“EMYNA TRQ RECORDING TRACKS WITH FAMED PRODUCER STUART EPPS EMYNA TRQ RECORDING TRACKS WITH FAMED PRODUCER STUART EPPS Emyna, self dubbed Rock Queen who rleased her debut EP "Time To Rise" last year on Casket Music, has been back in the UK to record new music with top Record Producer Stuart Epps. The reknown Producer, known for his work with rock giants such as Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Vandenberg and Twisted Sister, as well as the likes of Elton John, Robbie Williams, George Harrison and Oasis, had heard tracks from the EP and wanted to work with Emyna. Tracks are being laid down at Prism Studios in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. Emyna will return to the UK in November to play shows for the first time this side of the pond, having toured extensively worldwide, including the USA and India Visit Emyna TRQ's Artist Profile Visit Emyna TRQ's Offical Website”

“Emyna the Rock Queen Signs with UK Label The Rock Queen just recently signed with Casket Records a subsidiary of Copro Records in the UK. The album “Time to Rise” includes a Rise remix from her last album with a heavier drive. Rise was named second in Rock by the International 100% Music Songwriting Contest in 2010. Other songs include “I’m Still Alive” a rockin ballad written and produced by Emyna. Time to Rise was recorded The Premises in the UK, Nashville and Los Angeles. The release date has been set for October. The primary physical market for distribution will be the United Kingdom and other parts of the Europe. Digital distribution will be international. The Rock Queen is currently setting up tour dates. For more information contact: Vyvienne@vyyaentertainment.com or the rockqueen.com”


“You've really nailed the rock anthem formula, both in the composition and in the lyrics that are sure to resonate with women in music everywhere, and hopefully men, too. I see you've been honored by fellow musicians and bands, as well as music industry professionals, and it's easy to see why. You've got straight-ahead rock rhythms that will make audiences bang their heads, with catchy hooks and a chorus that will also make them sing along. You've got a unique voice and style that people will recognize, and your delivery is very convincing and "true to the lyric". The musicianship is more than adequate across the board and I particularly liked the tasty guitar work. The production is also of professional quality, with everything being well-balanced and having a good rock mix. I can't think of a thing I'd change. You really are the Rock Queen and there could be a market for you in Europe where they love American music!”

"Emyna The Rock Queens music is full of a chilled energy that still gets the blood running, while delivering positive messages."

“Hottest New Artist Award”

"It was a first class show all the way! This is a show that deserves to be somewhere on the Strip!"

“When the days Barack Obama enters the White House as first black President, imagine how many black female rock singers you know? Apart from the singer from Skunk Anansie or Mothers First there won’t be that much! Emyna is an exceptional artist, writes her own songs, plays a fine guitar and even performs on the keys. She has a powerful rock voice although I never had an idea she’s black as there is no expected soul in her voice. Perfect AOR! She got help from Jon Butcher who also wrote my favorite “When The Real Thing Comes Along”. Fantastic “Play With Me” (like Toronto), “Runaway” or “Run” makes this CD to a AOR highlight you easily have to put into the same league as Toronto or Envy. PERFECT!!”

Michael Schnabel

“2nd place in Rock Category for 'Rise'”

"EMYNA takes the audience on a unique voyage of musical experiences."

Sacramento Observer

“Yeah! Great Stuff! Well recorded tracks, well done. Could be a Hit"”

Steward Epps - Producer

“Presented to EMYNA The Rock Queen in recognition of having your original composition, 'Reach For The Sky' among the top... Only the highest quality songs make it to the top. This honor demonstrates the talent & dedication it takes to write a 'Hit Song.'”

Jim Halsey & Mark Furnas - Billboard

“You are one of the best songwriters I have seen in a long time.”

Austin C. Cook - Band with a Mission

“We are excited to feature you in the JULY A2W on Skopemag.com...”

"Well Done!"

Eugene Foley - Author: Artist Development

"She expressed outstanding talents, including a unique singing voice... She proved to be one of the best."

The Oiler, West L. A. College

"...this performer has a crystal clear singing voice and a real knack for doing radio-ready material."

Music Connection Magazine

“Emyna is a brilliant, awesome undiscovered melodic AOR female fronted band. Fans of Envy, Widow, Toronto and Darby Mills will totally dig this gem. It's amazing to hear such high quality female AOR”

CD Baby reviews

“I love this cd very much ! great female fronted AOR !!!”

CD Baby reviews